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Here’s one of my sorcerers, the only one that’s finished:

See if you can guess the parts…  

It’s a conversion of an old model, hence the dodgy paint job. I’m also interested to see what you think of the way the cloak goes over the left shoulder (the one furthest from staff). I’m not sure whether it’s wide enough there, whether it needs to cover more of the scale mail?


wow thats cool i like the skulls it stands on =)


Nice job, the scale mail and the helm/mask look fantastic! Not sure I am a fan of such a smooth and large cloak, but that is to taste I suppose!


yer i think it could maybe do to come more over the shoulde… atm it looks a bit like its tucked underneath, not sure if its just the pics but it also looks a little featurless, perhapse some more folds etc.

Ishkur Cinderhat:

w00t!! Grim has made a big hat! :hat off


Bighat mask sorcerer thats very cool Grim the cloak looks like a superhero cape which is not a bad thing IMO :hat


Ouch-just spilled my cofee in stunned amazement!! The quality of your work is unbelievable grim.

:hat off

Kera foehunter:

GRIMS Where did you get them skulls!!!could you take a picture of him head on so that i can bask in the glory of this great figure.


Very nice hat and mask


Awesome work. It is kind of hard to see the front face of the model with these shots…

Nevertheless, excellent work.


I have to say the paint is realy ruining a great looking model, simply because my eyes are drawn to the painted bit rather than the GSing I want to look at

Also, do you have a front veiw, just so I get a better look at the face


great work on the sorceror, don’t know what mini it is but I wanna see his face better! but aside are they the hero basing kit skulls??


the sorcerer looks cool, but I would like to see a pic of his face, so I can look at the mask. The mask looks cool from the side.


The beard and hat are particularly good :cheers

The cloak looks fine over the shoulder like that.

You really are a very talented sculptor.


Hi mate :slight_smile:

That is one hell of a cool job you have done there :slight_smile:

But what kind of Sorcerer is he?

Metal - Fire - Death???

Cheers Mate :cheers


Love your stuff!

I would love to see some up close detail shots of the face to get a better idea.

From these angles the cape looks good. Nice and smoothly done but a bit of a large empty area. Either a nice freehand could fill this up or (what I’m currently doing) adding a fur rim on the top of the cape could make the overall look a bit better.

Hope you understand what I mean as I was struggling for a way to explain.


yeah if you look at the behind shot you have the cape sat off centered, so it is more owards his left hand side than his right. obviously you dont want to cover up all the scale mail, so the best thing would be extending a thin strip around the side of the hat, and shaping it to look like the fabric is curving around the shoulder, not over it.

the mask looks fantastic, it reminds me of something but i cant remember what, possibly chaos squat in exo armour 1, although more likely something from popular culture.

what skulls did you use for the base? they are freaky


The hat you can see better on the other sorcerer green I’m doing (pics later in post).  I tried to copy it, but I did the visor part too shallow, so I sculpted ontop.

I think I will add a little more cloak over the shoulder.  It just doesn’t sit right atm.  I will attempt a freehand on it.

The base mini is a dwarf hammerer standard bearer, the skull top is from an orc drum stick, the skulls are from the old screaming skull catapult, slightly modified so he sat better. I actually melted down the other parts of it when making my brotherhood models!

The model is not painted at all in those photos, that the trim was red happened to be a coincidence.

The pictures aren’t great, but unusually for me I wasn’t bothered about taking any pics before undercoating, so I did them late in poor light just as an afterthought.


I haven’t themed him to be from any particular lore.

Here are some pics of my other sorcerer.  Still work needed on this, and I keep getting distracted. I did the other one in the meantime.


Simple yet extreamly well sculpting on him. Nice job.

Ishkur Cinderhat:

Boy, Grim you are the GOD of greenstuffing! :hat off

I’m in awe of your skills - the muscles and the flow of the cloth and robes is spectacular.