[Archive] Sorgenkammer's Chaos Dwarfs


Hi Everyone

This is my CD Blunderbuss Unit, i was my first time with green stuff and i haven’t quite finished with the actual guns i loved the cloth and goggle idea that snotling used i decided to use it.

Feedback welcome

thanks :hat off


Nice, me likey, I olove those guns:cheers

good job:cheers


The proportions and the detail are both excellent.

If I could give you some slaves I would :hat off

Kera foehunter:

i like them they are sweet i love the guns!! The cool thing about this site that no two army are the same .


Looks pretty good to me! I really like the musician’s fiery horn thing. Why is it that all of the best Chaos Dwarf musical instruments all burst into flames? Too much ROCK, I figure.


I took some photo’s of My CD warriors i used the warriors and miners from BFSP

Again Comments Welcome:hat off

Ghrask Dragh:

Very impresseive Green-stuffing! :hat off

it’s a great look for Chaos Dwarfs, looking forward to what you come up with for your Lords and Sorcerers!!


Kera foehunter:

great job on the beards and the armmor


one thing to say mate, I’m sorry but…

S.W.E.E.T, they are awesome man, nice warriors, now piant thos =e bad boys

also, kahn you just gave me an idea, a mucician in a unit with an electric guitar, i mean we probably invented them, and devil horns are esentialy a tribute to hashut

Hashut’s Blessing:

The pics of the BBs are slightly blurry (or is it my eyes. Need sleep!), but they look brilliant. Very sharp detail on the scale mail. One criticism (in a friendly manner): try to avoid having the beard make the arm disappear (like on the standard bearer). The beard should get stick out from the body less to make it look like it’s trapped under the arm. At the least, it needs to just stop, at the moment it looks like the beard is devoruing it.

Having said that, you’ve pulled the google-masks look off well, the guns have been sculpted very well, especially so considering the use of just greenstuff to make the gun barrels.

The warriors look brilliant! I love the flames, they’re VERY cleanly sculpted. How did you sculpt those flames? As for criticism: in the second picture, make sure the guy in the middlefaces the right way next time you set them up :stuck_out_tongue: On a more serious, yet still friendly note, I can’t see if you’ve done it or not, but try to file the symbols off of the weapons, especially the dwarven ones. Looking good, keep it up and make more!


Nice Snotling-esque troops there, some better pics would be great though.


So much cool stuff has appeared while ive not bin online :smiley: Love the goggles and scarves, steam punk CDs are always good


Bloody Brilliant. Looks like Snotling has a protégé!