[Archive] Soundtrack for documentary series Rome: Power and Glory


Is it possible to buy, download or otherwise listen online to the soundtrack of the documentary box Rome: Power and Glory?

The music in especially the sixth part (Fall of the Roman Empire) struck a chord. It’s somewhat bombastic and you won’t  want to listen to it over and over again day after day like some music, but it can make you crave it occassionally nevertheless. :smiley:

It’s a decent docu series, but I’m out for the soundtrack in particular since it’d be nice to have whilst studying and working at home. Or warhammering!

It was nice enough to convert whilst watching through the documentary, so try it out for hobby workshops.


Got it at last! If you contact the composer Charles Barnett via charlesbarnett@me.com you can buy a CD with the music for $20 including postage over PayPal. It’s worth it.

If you want some free parts of the soundtrack as a demo you can contact me via PM and we’ll sort it out by Email.