[Archive] Space Marine Traitors


Here they are. ive had them for some time and i redid them a few weeks ago but finally got around to posting them now. Anyway, i have a squad of Ten contains: an Ultramarine, Relictor, Salamander, Black Templar, Blood angel, Dark Angel, Space wolf (with marauder head!) an undead crimson fist, a mutating Blood raven, an and Iron hand!

group shot!

Ultramarine leader and Blood Raven

Blood Angel and Dark Templar

My Favorite: Undead Crimson Fist!

You know, now that i look at my fist, i see that hes been damaged. oh well, nothing a little paint can fix! :slight_smile:


Neat conversions, although I am shocked by your callous disregard for the sanctity of the emperor’s finest :wink:


Its a really nice idea, will you do an army?


just wondering if you have ever heard the phrase ‘red corsairs’.if you havent look them up you may be quite interested.

zombie head is cool btw.


thanks for all the positive feedback. but, they are a single squad in my Chaos Marine army called the “storm guard” (real cliche, i know.) they are there mainly to provide fire support for the rest of my army which i might post some pictures of late, i like what i did with them.


the Undead Crimson Fist is really good i love how u did the skull