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I have a question (I know once more - lol)! :wink:

What is the reason that people create spambots and register or let themself register (don’t know how this function?) on special sides like CDO? :mad

I cannot understand the intention … can anyone explain it to an oldfashioned not really internet proved guy??? :smiley:



Typically people do so with the intention of selling something or post adult content. Recently it has been getting worse with posts getting through that have no intention of being part of the site, just spammers.

If you think you have seen one and the staff has not seen it yet use the notify button to let tje staff know.


Yeah I have read that the spammakers want to sell something!

But when I see the spambots here at CDO I couldn’t imagine what they want to sell or what other intention they might have … I never saw a direct link or a typical hint to another webside!

So I cannot see an understandable reason for creating this spambots … despite annoying us!



Typically spambots are automated without anyone actually entering anything. Over the last few years there have been ways to prevent them now some new measures are needed.


@ Zanko what Willmark is trying to say is, he doent know either (; as do I.


Google rank is another reason. The more links to a site that Google sees, the higher in the rankings it will be. If a site link is put in the signature file of numerous spambots then it gets a high Google ranking, meaning that people will be more likely to click on it when they search for something. Having people click on the actual spam links is also a bonus in it.

The makers of spambots are pretty lazy, or there are just so many people operating them, so they frequently use the same text or usernames, making them more easy to spot.

Hashut’s Blessing:

As cornixt said,t hey do it to “google-bomb”, basically, by posting their links their placing on google gets closer to the first page.

As for you not seeing links etc, it’s because we remove the link, bant he bot and usually delete their posts :wink:

Things to look out for: odd user names, single words in signatures, only 1 post, repeated/jumbled previous post from someone else.


The thing I find strange is when they actually post something vaguely relevant to the topic that is not actually just a copy or rehash of someone else’s post. Gone are the days when they just post a load of text selling electronic goods etc.


just reasontly there was a spam-bot that introduced itself in the new members topic, i find that pretty impressive for a bot