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El zigurat de Zharr-Naggrund – Archivo de los hijos de Hashut

Check it out. If we have any spanish reading members, it would be nice to know!

While I wholely endorse his effort, it seems he has taken images directly from this website without seeking permission. I am curious if any members here were emailed prior to having their images posted here.

See: El zigurat de Zharr-Naggrund – Archivo de los hijos de Hashut

Then: http://www.zharr-naggrund.poderna.com/zn/enanoscaos.php?zn=45

I love what his website is doing, but I am not sure how to approach this…




Those theiving bar stewards!

Ishkur, dont stand for this shizzle!

Pyro Stick:

I dont really see the big deal. Its not like hes claiming that they are his pics/models.


It’s not an overly big deal. But I can’t gauge the tone or message of his website since it is in another language.

I am more concerned with the dishonesty of posting images that you don’t have permission to post. I have the permission of each Gallery Army posted on this site. Golden Demon pictures are quite public, so I lack permission from them. But the question remains, how should I approach this? Perhaps he can’t speak any English whatsoever? Perhaps he is already a member of the forum. I just don’t know, because of the language gap.

Some contact would have been nice.

Pyro Stick:

Try send him an email using an english to spanish translator or something. Or you could find someone here that speaks spanish to help.

Hashut’s Blessing:

I think that’s what he was asking for, Pyro.


Indirectly, yes. I will contact him sooner or later. I have no intentions to be mean, just to inform him that he should seek consent for such things. If we had a natice speaking Spanish member, that would be better than using an online translator. As well, they could asses the site and see what kind of tone or approach they are taking. :slight_smile:


Ive send pictures to that site. As long as I know, hes not claiming they are his. Hes giving examples of the “most notable sons of Hashut” he can find and encourage others to do the same. He even show a link to our site. Beside the pictures, he as a compilation of CD background and his own army list called “The sons of Hashut”. He also has some old CD miniatures to show the CD evolution.

If you want to send him a message, I can translate it for you.


Hmm bears watching. But on the other hand its cool that CDs are getting recognition elsewhere on the “intraweb” :wink:


He seems to be acknowledging the makers, even if he didn’t ask directly. I remember one of my articles appearing on there a long time ago, and it was credited to someone else! I put my name on all my articles after that.

Some great galleries of CD armies from way back though.

Kera foehunter:

I think he a spansh chaos dwarf .you know how we take cool stuff . xander maybe there a nother you !!!your long lost evil twin that live in spain.

Look at the bright side you have a site in spain or enspired a whole new group of chaos dwarfs .


If t helps spread Chaos Dwarfs I’ve no problem personally. Be nice if we could translate the sie though


Not a bad site bit difficult to navigate .If he isnt a member of this site he should be:hat


Not a bad site bit difficult to navigate .If he isnt  a member of this site he should be:hat

I think Il ask him.


Its good that there is a website in spanish, but as Xander said he should have asked permission.

Some of the Hellcannon images in our showcase gallery I borrowed from general sites around the web (not forums).  I have included the web address on each photo where possible.

It would have been interesting to build list of forums around the world that we can contact people at for the next global campaign, but this one lacks a forum anyway.

I get people pm/ emailing me quite often in german from http://www.tabletopwelt.de/forum/index.php?

even though I don’t know german!  The projekt group I’m on there means CD fans are contacting me.

If we happen to have people who know german we could use this one in the next campaign, its one of the biggest german wargames forums (if not the biggest).


for a very rough translation to english:Try this


my german isn’t good enough, else I would have helped you

Kera foehunter:

wow at least we all can read good english!!!

* Kera smiles



i founded ‘El zigurat de Zharr-Naggrund’ in 2001.
it was abandoned (never closed) for a couple of years and i re-founded it a year ago.

i used to ask for permission during the first zigurat’s era but it was usually useless (i rarely got an answer). some of the pictures (most of them) were sent to me by collaborators; their help was really precious yet often they didn’t say the source. then i tried to find it and it took me a lot of time and effort (i spent more time searching than working on the site, which i think worthier): i used to come across them finally.

now, in the second era, i decided to spend my time wisely.
in order to respect each picture’s author, i decided to put its source and its name and waste my time spreading Hashut’s word around the world (if you try googling “enanos del caos”, chaos dwarf in spanish, my website places second).

i never wanted to offend anyone or cause any disruption.
i’m really sorry. if any of you wants me to take his pictures off, i will understand it. i know i should have asked for permission but i really don’t have so much time to work on the site… although, i still think that crediting everything is enough (i even link every source to its website -¡sistematically!-).

plus ultra: i took some of xander’s works because i admire them. ishkur’s, kris aubin’s, snotling’s and bjorni’s i found amazing (ashtoning) and thought i had to share them with non-english speakers: they have to be seen (really!).

(i hope you understand me)


You answer quiker than I though.

Thank you.