[Archive] Spawnchompers


I had an idea to do an ogre army themed around the spawnchompers tribe. This would supply DoW to my Mortal and Dawi’zharr armies.

For those who don’t know the fluff, they’re basically ogres who spend a bit to much time eating wierd things from the chaos wastes (spawn, choas trolls, three day old kebabs…) and because of this have some strange mutations. They also associtae with dragon ogres.

My ideas were:

Tyrant: Gruth Spawnchomper - original sculpt matching his description in the book

Butchers: munching on spawn parts, obviously mutated

Hunter: Boar Centaur (couln’t resist) with longstrider big name

Bruisers and Maneaters: giant Chaos Warriors

Bulls: Lesser mutations - eg. two heads, three arms

Ironguts: Chaos ogres

Leadbelchers: Daemon weapons, firebreathing and wild chaosy pyrotechnics

Gnoblars: Whatever springs to mind

Yhetee: Dragon Ogres

Gorgers: Spawn

Giant: Mutant monstrosity

Has anyone got any feedback or other ideas for units?

Kera foehunter:

Tha’s a great idea.Are they going to have coool tatoos??


I think it sounds like you have covered all of the potential units really well. Sounds like a great idea, imo!

Ishkur Cinderhat:

Back in the times when I collected Ogres (seems like ages :D) I had some plans on doing a two-headed ogre. I think this would be cool for a character. Don’t use it too much though, I’d rather go with tentacles (maybe horns) for the bulls.


good luck with the project, it sounds like a cool project, show some pics when you are finsihed


Give them a Kurgan appearance beside their mutations. The butcher should have deamons limbs, heads and organs attached to him.