[Archive] specialist games:Inquisitor`?


whats Inquisitor about and whats it like playing it?

is it expensive or boring i would love to try it

from what ive gathered you own 1 hero right and play aigenst others heroes?


Are you speaking about the game Inquisitor? if so, it’s similar in some ways to necromunda, in that you control an inquisitor and his henchmen (although in most cases you control only one model) as it also includes many elements of role playing.

each turn can have quite a few actions within…

but rather than take my word for it, go here http://www.games-workshop.com/gws/content/article.jsp?community=&catId=cat200206&categoryId=1100009&aId=4900004 and download the rulebook and read it for yourself.

Think roleplaying, tabletop, gang warfare.


i didn’t know that you could download the rulebook thanks

(love roleplay, love tabletop)

im gonna check it out

fixed the spelling…


yeah, that will save you 45 dollars which is what it used to cost.


I played it a few times with 40K/Necromunder models and it worked pretty well.


it appers to be awsome, gonna round up some friends and try to play it soon,

(i’ll never forgive myself, i stopped reading the rulebook and posted this)


It’s a cool system, although it’s really involved because you ideally need a Games Master of some kind I think, who isn’t necessarily playing all the time. And a strong narrative. I bought the book when it first came out and played one game and then never did again :frowning: But it’s a neat book!

I get really turned on (hobby-wise) by Inquistor-munda (=I=munda) myself.


I followed Inquisitor because of the scale of the models (54mm), but ironically I bought a bunch of models and never did anything with them. Ironically, the model I really wanted - the Eldar Ranger - I never managed to get… /sigh The models are very nice and detailed, very large. Brother Artemis is an amazing model from the range.


Inquisitor is loads of fun, so long as you keep the power-gamers at pay.

I recall designing an ice-based Daemonhost, using all the heat powers but counting them as cold. The power gamers cried foul, everyone else thought it very cool.

Then there was the guy who wanted to play a 5-man squad of Grey Knight terminators. They then pointed out that my Grey Knight Tactical Marine was a single model and a whole force in of himself (and not quite as good as a normal Marine if not facing Daemons, who he had an edge against).