[Archive] Specialist Games & Miscellany - Other (Unit Fillers, 28mm scale ships etc.)


This section is for any other Specialist Games or other miscellaneous Chaos Dwarf-themed models that don’t fit into any other categories. Examples may include unit fillers, Chaos Dwarf-themed gaming aids, etc.

[align=center]2017 Image Salvage






Chaos Dwarf boats V2

Chaos Dwarf Artillery boat

Fuggit Khan:

Hobgoblin Tar Pit unit filler


My unit fillers

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My Unit Fillers so far…

The Alter of Hashut and its other identity the BBQ of Hashut!

The original version of my “Whipped Slayer”  and its re-incarnation with a 4th Ed CD replacing Kracka Khan as overseeing the matter

The 3rd Ed Hobgoblin Houndmaster and his HobHounds

The four 3rd Ed hobgoblin Rocket Launchers with four crew each

The Slave Orc Treasure Chest Bearers

My two Pet ferocious “Dus” beasts

The Blood Bowl Minotaur makes a handy 4 x 20mm filler

And the very old Ral Partha Orc Rock Lobber