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Post your pictures of Terrain and Buildings here.

Edit by Bloodbeard: Also include your Arcane Fulcrums

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The Stormchild





The Arcane Fulcrum:

The “Camp in no mans land”:

The Arena:

The mountain fortress:



Ha 3 can play that game (;

here’s mine:


Here are pics from my Ziggurat Fighting Pit - published in the WoH 8!

There you can see the WiP pics!


The Stormchild:

Here’s the fortress me and my Dad made when I was about 7 years old.

It’s become a bit bashed with age.


So yeup, dungeon terrain, and only a small one. From White Dwarf #201.



Here is my “Mountain Fortress” made for the Artisan’s Contest VIII!



Chaos Dwarf Tower


Here my Hobgoblin Village:

Tarrakk Blackhand:

My Mighty Empires terrain pieces arranged in a map for the Blood in the Badlands campaign.


This section is for Chaos Dwarf themed terrain and Arcane Fulcrum pieces.


Btw, the photos are from my iPhone. Best I could do, sorry. I think the pic with our cat has the most “true” colours.



The Arcane Fulcrum in the Chaos Wastes …





"Zhadkur-Enk’s Final Crossing"

It is said that creatures in unusual environments will sometimes take on unusual characteristics or uncommon size and scale as they struggle to survive and gain the upper hand against whatever nature throws at them.  Such is the case with the creature known as “Zhadkur Enk’s Final Crossing”.  Now known to be a mimic of unprecedented scale and unusual form, where once there was a bridge in a seldom used crossing.  No one knows what happened to the original bridge, or when the creature took up residence; but Zhadkur Enk, a hated and vile slaver cleverly discovered the creature’s residence mid bridge crossing whilst searching for a gaggle of escaped slaves.

His clever discovery was rewarded by conferring him with the honor of providing a meal to the creature which he so diligently discovered.  The other search party members fled, but never fully revealed the source of his demise.  The Crossing’s existence remains a poorly guarded secret, and is often used as a tool to rid oneself of hated enemies, in-convenient family members, and pesky government officials.  As a result the bridge has grown in size from mostly a foot path to a railed stone crossing.  It is said by some… that even those who step too near the shore on either side may be taken… by steaming tentacles that snap forth from beneath the very lava which the bridge crosses over; to hoist the unwary into the monster’s gaping maw.  How such a creature could survive the heat is a mystery, but the chaos that flows in haphazard design across of the northern wastes bestows many a strange and unnatural gift to the denizens that thrive therein.


Just noticed I hadn’t added my terrain, so its time to catch up.

This is my fortress for Artisans No ?

My Grabba Plant for another Artisans


The games markers

Now My Waystones for “The road to Zharr Nagrund” artisans


And finally this ugly effort at a Fulcrum.  I’ve been promising myself to re-do it since it got made