[Archive] Spell Mortar Idea


Well, I mentioned it in Grim’s post on Warseer, so I might as well put it here too :cheers

Generally to go with the disruption strategy of chaos dwarf firing I came up with an idea that would combine both arcane power and firepower. Now, one of the biggest problems players have with artillery like the earthshaker is that they don’t have a chance to influence it like they would with magic. The only way to silence or effect artillery is to be able to focus fire on it. This takes into effect, and in doing so also adds disruption to magic phase.

Spell Mortar

Fires as a stone thrower, but during the magic phase instead of the shooting phase. All shots impact just as a stone thrower then cast a bound spell once depending on which shot was fired, whether it landed within a unit or not, then dissipates into dust. May only fire once per Magic Phase, only in the owner’s magic phase.

Each type of shot purchased represents the crew carrying multiples of that type of ammunition, and can be used in any number of turns. You must declare what type of shot you are firing when you declare that you’re firing the Spell Mortar. Any effects that work against shooting effect the impact of the shot, but not the spell. Effects that work against magic or bound spells work against the spell.

Spell Mortar - 80 points - Special Choice

Crew: 3 Chaos Dwarfs

You may buy up to three types of shot:
Smoke and fear - Bound level 4 - 10 points - Enemy unit hit by the of the impact may not move or shoot until the next chaos dwarf magic phase.

Terrifying Shades - Bound level 3 - 10 points - Enemy unit must take a fear test or flee. Units immune to fear aren’t effected by this spell, but are still hit by the impact.

Doom - Bound level 4 - 15 points - Enemy units within 4" are at a -2 leadership until the end of the Chaos Dwarf turn.

Conflagration - Bound level 2 - 10 points - Enemy unit hit takes D3 Str 4 flaming hits in addition to the shell damage.

These were just a few I came up with off the top of my head, often looking at spells in the BRB for guidance. Any other ideas for shot would be welcome.

As you can see I left the bound spell level in the low to mid range to make it fairly easy for the enemy to dispel if they wanted to, but make them throw away dispel dice doing it.

Comments, suggestions, queries, insults?