[Archive] Splendid CD Blood Bowl team


Have you ever seen James Wappelious minis? No? Give a look at his blog and especially this page:


Scroll down. Very colorful yet effective isn’t it?


That was oodles of fun scrolling!!! thanx for sharing (:

Da Crusha:

very cool team. Id say worthy of the gem section.


Gorgeous stuff. (slips back into despair over own skills)


They are some splendid teams

That first Troll is actually a Growler from the long dead Vor game. I am lucky to own one myself.

Thanks for sharing

Blue in VT:

Amazing stuff on that blog…the orc Giants team is AMAZING!!!


Obsidian Muse:

…I don’t know whether I should find those Orc Cheerleaders disturbing or provocative.

As for the Chaos Dwarfs, a interesting color scheme.


Hello to all!

I have come here for loads of inspiration for quite a while, but I wanted to have something to contribute before I started to post :-)  There is so much amazing artwork here, and fantastic miniatures.  I appreciated the link to the Blood Bowl team on the blog!  Thanks to everyone who has taken the time to check it out.

I have some more Chaos Dwarf projects under way at the moment which will soon be featured on the blog.  One of them is my Adepticon team tournament C.D. army which is entirely converted or scratch built.  This is a very unusual project, to say the least.  Our theme is Civil War Dwarf(ves).  It is the Wretched Alliance of Appomattox.  The regular dwarves are the Union, and mine are the Confederacy.  I am furiously converting something for the FW rules version bull centaurs, and sculpting a death shrieker rocket.

The idea is that while both sides have been fighting each other, creatures such as skaven, beatsmen and orcs have been able to run amok.  Now, as we are both surrounded at the courthouse, we are forced to join together or face complete destruction… Yes, it is crazy, and I think the images might say much more than I can here. :slight_smile:

My other item is the Great Taurus, which will have to be ready by Games Day in July!



Dude, as you can guess by my nick I’m a HUGE fan of lizardmen. Your army is gorgeous and has been of amazing inspiration!!! Can’t wait to see what you’ll come up with CDs.