[Archive] [split] tjubs Kollossus


The pictures are to small and the painting on the is kinda, well unappealing to say the least.

I’d like some shots of each piece of the set and a 360 shot say from four angles, so you know what you are buying.

I’m tempted to buy the MK2 still, as I’ve seen Tjubs and yours now and from those two I can kinda get the whole picture of the model, and its cool, but I quite like the weapons option of the mk1, there are some other kinds of the mk2, but as there are no pictures, i’d have to buy blind.


Not to mention the few places you find pictures never does ammout to much when its not the model you are perticualy interested in too. That said wiht mine gone and sold, Tjub’s laying in a box still unfinished its not a great omen for them is it :wink: