[Archive] spotify invites


http://invitify.fleo.se/ this is spotify the best music program i have ever stumbled upon its free and leagall and has most of the music you’ll ever want

be quick to pick up your invite they give them away, they get new ones every day so try to get one in the morning,

when you have a code go into www.spotify.se and create your account.

(this is not commercial its being nice)

commercial (every 30th song) is in swedish so enjoy the wierd sounds :cheers

Godbob and his jolly rogers:

I don’t get it

Do you enter that code in and you get free music that isn’t illegal?



thats it you get 1 account per code. and theres 1 acoount per ip address

they don’t have any invites now when they do a link at http://invitify.fleo.se/ will appear

Godbob and his jolly rogers:

My friend told me a litle about it, said it was reallygood and worth a look around


They make up the money they loose in free music in commercials.

If you want to dowload the songs it will cost extra, or so i’ve heard.


It is mostly owned by the record companies. It is completely legal. I don’t think they’ll make any money from it though, unless they introduce new features.

Pyro Stick:

can you get any genre of music from this? or is it just stuff like pop?


you have a raido type thingie where you set what age you want music from and waht catagory and you can search for the songs names, albums and bands, they have most of the the music i think, (not beatles and roling stones they like CDs lol) its a great program with playlists that can be sent over accounts.

and you cant dowload the music thats illeagal, you need the right program for that =)

im allways listening to it so its really great and the commercials are like every 10th song and you never notice them

if you want invites get one early in the morning, they run out of them pretty quick