[Archive] Sprue contest #1 voting thread


Some of you might have read about this in the project development section. The contest was to convert any 40k or fantasy model using nothing but sprues and a base. Painting was allowed, but not necessary.

The winner will get the honour of picking the subject for Sprue contest #2!

Here come the entries, in no particular order!
Thanks for looking and make sure to vote :wink:

Entry #1:

Entry #2:

Entry #3:

Entry #4:

Entry #5:


imo, everyone did an amazing job, kudos guys!


I would like to second that , all amazing work well done guys :slight_smile:


Fantastic job here! Incredible creativity. I’d like to see better pictures of the first entry… :slight_smile:

But really difficult to choose one!! Really :smiley:


Yeah same here bassman, but thise were the only pictures, all supplied in that collage thing :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: we can ask him after the contest though ^^


Sure ill post some more pics. I dont have to use my iphone and its lack of macro function.

Golder Goldeater:

AH DANG IT! If only I knew about this I’d enter with my Goblobber!

Oh well :frowning:

Ishkur Cinderhat:

Hahaha great stuff! :hat off


good job everyone

may the best one win


Guess who’s back? looking good everyone! Thanks for the assistance Borador!


No problem Joshmohr! hope you enjoyed your trip ^^


Great work, its wonderful to see everyone;s different techniques.


Great work everyone, hope I will be able to join next time.


How long is the voting up for, a week?


Yeah it’s a 7day poll ;D


Oops, forgot to state who won!

The winner is entry #2 (nitroglysarine)! Congratulations, now pick a theme for the next one and start a thread ;D

Kudos to all the entrants:

Entry #1: Thorne

Entry #2: nitroglysarine

Entry #3: silentbob27

Entry #4: Hazkar

Entry #5: Kered

Everyone did a very good job IMHO!


i’ve got my thinking cap on!

thank u all who voted for me