[Archive] standard bearers. good or bad?


I stumbled upon this matter when I was assembling my units, wether I should give them a standard or not.

standards are good for adding +1 to the combat result.

but the bad part is you practically give the enemy a 100 extra pts if you break from combat.

so then you only want to give standards to unit that you are sure will hold its own/win in combat, but if your so sure they’ll win, why give them an extra +1 in combat resulotion?

man this is a pretty hard nut to crack… :~

I already decided I will have standards in all my chaos dwarf units, they are though, of large numbers, and are already expensive.

The two units I have hard time deciding over is my units of:

*10 black orcs

*20 sneaky gitz

they both cost 100 pts each. If they break in combat (which is a bigger risk, compared to the CD) the enemy pretty much gets double the victory points because of the standard.

Is it worth the risk?

I want your opinion/ advice.

the biggest reason i want standards on the two units is esthetic,

(It looks cool).



10 Blorcs? No chance. Too small to risk a banner. They could get swept away by anything half decent in combat.

Sneaky Gits? Possibly… They do die easily but with 20 they have ranks so a banner may be worth it. Just keep them near the general.

Ancient History:

For only 10 Black Orcs? Hmm. I mean, don’t get me wrong, a full command on Black Orcs is great, and you can equip the standard bearer with a magic banner (Banner of Slavery or War Banner, either is fine), but for only ten models…that’s pretty weak.

I’ve always advocated a Sneaky Git Champion over a Sneaky Git Standard Bearer, if only because you get the extra Poisoned Attack.


For how big you’re running the Black Orcs I’d rather have a champion in a unit that size. So I’d say no.

As for the Sneaky Gits, it could be worth it. They’ll have the soft res and a lot of (poisoned) attacks… but their chopped up fairly easily. So it could be worth it.


Banners for Cds?

This how I deal with them:

Bsb: mandatory! Since I started to field it I found how much it is preciouuuuusssss (gollum style speech).

Warriors: no brainer 99% of time… dunno with Great weapons small teams… but I never use them.

Blunderbusses: I do not use banners with  these guys. They are too fragile and I prefer to keep them cheap. Maybe in large units… 20+

Hobgoblins: not at all. I think it’s 100 vp given to your enemy.

Black orcs: large units only. When you want not only a shock infantry but also something relisient. Maybe if warbanner iwas available… but it normally goes with my warriors.

Orcs: Yes, I field a block of 20 full command, orcs need numbers and everything you can throw in.

Wolfriders: no, it’s too easy to give it away…

Bull centaurs: a little bit expensive… maybe. Normally I field them 5 plain as they come but with larger units it could help them.

Snecky gits: I suppose it can be helpfull, be carefull with them. I have to admit I do not field them so take my advice for what its worth…


I’d say no, but then I’ve had loads of people around here tell me I’m far too stingy for victory points, so it’s probably best to ignore me:)

thing is, if they break from combat, or if they are wiped out, then you give the foe 100 vps, maybe on the gits, but for 10 borcs, then it seems like a realy, realy bad idea


ok, thanks for all advices :slight_smile:

It feels pretty dumb that I have to decide this when assembling them, before I have been able to play test them.

So I’m glad you guys wanted to share your experience! :hat off

being a sucker to decide things I’ll probably end up magneticing/pinning the arms.

That way I still can use the banner when not in play, while showcaseing my army, or if I’ll buy some more black orcs in the future.