[Archive] Starscreams Imperial Guard revamp


I’m starting this blog separate from my Ongoing blog o’ everything as this will be a concerted effort to actually complete a full 40k army.

I’ve always liked the Imperial Guard, they have far more character than a Space Marine force but the task of painting a guard army is quite daunting. As they are the flavor of the month and I really like the new book IG it is.

I have various IG minis I’ve collected over the years from previous attempts at this, I have added some new models too and am determined not to stop till they are all painted into a cohesive guard army.

Heres the first batch of painted minis, all comments and critique welcome…


2nd Russ

Infantry squad

multilaser scout sentinels

penal troops, as you can see I am using Catachans to represent these, I think they kinda suit the role so have armed them with a variety of guns pistols and knives to show the special rules.

Finally a hydra, these seem great with the new codex, oddly the gun barrels look warped on this pic, they dont in real life?

Loads more to come, time to get cracking on more troops…

Hashut’s Blessing:

Very nice. I’m just wondering if the Leman Russ’ and the Sentinels need a spalsh of colour near the top and bottom respectively… Good idea to use Catachans as militia, it’ll certainly save you a lot of money and speed things up. The Hydra barrels look warped because they are pointing towards the camera and are in a different area of focus :wink:

Are you still planning for it to be all plastic?

Kera foehunter:

great painting i love the flesh colors and also your white is so cool to starscream


Well the first of my very heavy support arrived in the post. I ordered 2 warhound titans!

The first was from a fella on ebay, he has already painted it but luckily it has been done lightly. I’m gonna paint over the blue and red stripes. All he has done to the insides and other parts is paint them a metal colour so I’ll carry that ont and add a lot more detail.

Heres what I got…

Unfortunately when I checked its missing its forward hull roof!!

I emailed the dude and he has managed to blag a replacement from FW which he is gonna send up. I’ll just work on the rest of it in the meantime.

I should get Orcboys 'hound too this week too, my Imperial army is starting to look scary!

Hashut’s Blessing:

An Imperial Guard army with three titans? That sounds like a scary prospect! Any plans for colours etc?