[Archive] Starship Troopers for sale


I dug out a load of SST whilst clearing my spare room, apparently some of it is quite sought after.

I have come up with this for a price guide after speaking to people on the Mongoose forums and checking ebay, feel free to make counter offers. If I’m way out on the valuations feel free to let me know. (I have taken some of the worthless bits out as I’ll just keep those)

1 box of WASP troopers (nib, opened but not assembled) - £10

1 bigfoot painted - £20

1 bigfoot assembled but not painted - £25

1 nighthawk (painted) - £10

4 cougars (painted) - £75 (this puts them under silashand’s minimum estimate)

1 tac uav (painted)- £10


Overseer (assembled but unpainted) £40

mantis (painted)£15

I also have 2 burrower bugs I forgot about, 1 painted 1 not. £7.50 each?

Skinnies: (all unpainted unless stated)

1 General (with 7 elite guard) - £20

1 Leader of slaves - £5

1 Lord - £10

1 Tyrant - £4

1 Warchief - £8

12 Guard (2 painted and 2 sprayed black) £20

25 Militia - £25

15 Raiders - £15

14 Slaves - £15

14 Soldiers - £15

8 Venerables - £15

4 x Warchief (NIB) £10 each

Like I say, I have tried to make these prices reasonable, I have based them mainly on the feedback then knocked a bit off.

P&P will vary depending on your location but I will try to keep as low as possible.

Pics can be arranged.




Mantis gone!

Also put some rare books on ebay, http://search.ebay.co.uk/_W0QQsassZmotleysi. Ignore the high Buy It Nows, thats just in case someone is daft enough to go for it (I personally dont think they are worth that but some people have been paying it).


That reminds me I have so much star ship troopers metals and plastic skinnies to paint soon, I think they would make great tau for all those that are not sure they are of the greatest quality and great sculpts.


I actually like the skinnies range, they are meant to be retro 50s style aliens and it works well.

I’m keeping some of my SST stuff cos its a fantastic game but I’ll never get a chance to use most of it. Am getting quite a bit of interest off the Mongoose forums, lots of stuff now pending payment.


I actually like the skinnies range, they are meant to be retro 50s style aliens and it works well.

They were dual purpose for me when I got hold of them, Several reasons realy firstly I wanted a new 40k army and thought od doing tau but didnt really think they are good value for money, Secondarily I say these models and wanted them too. Then I found a awesome army deal for £18 on ebay tbut they didnt strike me as 1950's aliens go figure






unpainted bigfoot,

Leader of Slaves

12 Guard

25 Militia

14 Slaves

14 Soldiers