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I’ve been acquiring some models over the last month or so, and after reading this thread


I went out and bought some Dettol yesterday - it’s in the ‘Household Cleansers’ section at Shoppers Drug Mart. It cost about $11.

I got five horribly painted plastic miniatures I’d purchased and let them soak overnight in a 50/50 mix of dettol & water. I just took them out, and a TON of the paint come off. I scrubbed at them with an old toothbrush, but there is still some paint on them - it appears whomever painted these before undercoated them three times (black/white/black) then slopped some red and blue paint on them. So, they’ve gone back into the mix to hopefully get the rest of the paint off.

Here’s my question: Will the Dettol solution damage the plastic at all? I’m tempted to leave them in the solution for another 24 hours, and then give them another scrub… hopefully, that will get them down to a close to bare state. And, while I’m at it, should I be wearing gloves, as it is poisonous, or is scrubbing under running water OK?

Also, how well does this stuff work on metal models? I have a few in transit, and would love to know how to deal with them prior to them arriving.

Anyone care to share any of their experiences? Thanks!

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Thommy H:

It’ll damage it if you leave them in there long enough. I wouldn’t go for another 24 hours, personally - give it about 8 or something then just give them as good as scrub as you can. You probably won’t get every single scrap of paint off.

It works fine on metals too.


Thank you!

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I don’t think Dettol will, no, but you shouldn’t leave them in for a long time. Also, they will stink to high heaven for months afterward. That’s why I use Simple Green from Canadian Tire.


I just took them out (for the second time) and scrubbed them again, and then went to town with some toothpicks. They are nearly completely bare. I popped them back in - probably only for a half hour, and then, after a final scrub, I should be done. Not too sure what I’ll do about the smell, though… Maybe I’ll leave them outside for a few days and see what happens.

Thanks for the advice!


I also use Simple Green. Non toxic, non hazardous, no smell. Basically a Window cleaner. Paint stipps to bare metal with an overnight soak and light toothbrushing. I also spray ot on a paper towel to wipe my paintbrushes between colors. Works great! :hat off


Well, the Dettol mix worked really well!

I didn’t take any ‘before’ pictures, but here’s the result.


EDIT: first time posting a picture… maybe that will work…


I think the producedure worked perfectly. Now it’s time for brushes :slight_smile:


wow they are good and clean! I’ve got some 2nd hand plastic black orcs. maybe I should give those a try once.

Good luck painting them!!


I use denatured alcohol in an ultrasonic cleaner. The smell is less then dettol, and it only takes 20 - 30 minutes. Plus you can reuse the solution for a while, and it won’t break down plastic.