[Archive] Starting CD wife gave the green light


So i will be ordering my army from FW and before i make the order was looking to build a list so i dont have to buy multiable models i may not need. so any help would be fantastic…thanks

infernal castellan

fencer blade,dragonhelm,seed of rebirth,potion of strength

Sorcerer prophet on great taurus lv4

Dreadquake w/h ogre

2 Deathshrieker

magma cannon

5 hobgoblin wolf rider

5 hobgoblin wolf rider

30 Infernal guard f/c Fireglaive

30 Infernal guard f/c Fireglaive

so im at 2497…just seeing if i was on the right direction. looking to have some what of a competitive list but fun to play. but i seem to lose most of the time but still have fun…


Wohoo!!! Glad to hear the good news, hobby support from spouses/significant others is always a nice thing! My wife and I are big hobbyists, so we always support eachother.

Enjoy getting started with your army, can’t wait to follow your progress on the forum!



If having a viable list is a concern I would:

Get regular hand weapon + shield Infernal Guard, not Fireglaives.

Would probably get 2 Khans on Wolves off ebay instead of the Wolf Riders. Lone Khans take no animosity and are more survivable most of the time.

Other than that, looks fine :slight_smile:


so why would the fireglaive not be a good choice? just wondering. is it just fore the armor save?


They cost too many points and are ineffective. 18" range and BS 3 for 17pts each is crazy. Better to stick with the super tough hand weapon and shield build and let the artillery do the ranged killing.