[Archive] Starting out with the Space Marines


So, ive decided to start a new 40k armey, the space marines. Im going with blood angles, and heres what i have so far:


10 terminators (5 assault, 5 normal) Which i got for $20

5 scouts (heavy bolter, shot guns)

9 marines (Bolt guns)

and a whirl wind. What do you all think?


i play blood angles to:)

do you have the white dwarf blood angel codex?

if you have you need assault marines!

the assault marines is the blood angles speciality,they are troop chose,so you can do a assault army.

and you need the death company,they have fearless,feel no pain,furious charge and black range.give them jump packs and a chaplan with jump pack or Lemartes.

hope this tips will help you att your way to the BLOOD!!


and one more advice!

i would not use terminators for blood angels.

i would insteed use furioso dread and vet assault marines.

the furioso is a close combat monster and you can uppgrade him to a death company dread.

and the vet assault marines is fast and can have lotts of diffrent weapons

Tarrakk Blackhand:

I built mine as Soviet Space marines…and everyone allways asks…“Are those Blood Angles?” because I painted them red.