[Archive] Steam boiler


Hey guys,

Basically, I am building some kind of machine and in need of a part. I am looking for something that resembled a steam boiler or steam powered machine.

Ideally, the main boiler and controls from the magma cannon would be perfect but not prepared to buy a magma cannon just to use the boiler and controls.

Anybody have any suggestions?


You can always take a look at the boiler from the empire steam tank, you can probably find it on a bits site

Fuggit Khan:

HO scale train parts are good too…steam railroad engines and scenery bits for tabletop railroads (such as HO steam powered logging machines) all can be kit-bashed for parts


I am going to just say make it. It might seem hard to make but actually it would be simple to make. Start with a large tube maybe 2 or 3 inches in diameter, then attach a smaller longer one to one side. If you use plastic card stock you can easily glue on other pipes and lil plates to be rivets. Slap some GW texture paint on it to give it a nice rough feel, base coat it and off to paint.

That in my mind would be cheaper and simpler than trying to find one that will in all odds be costly.


Pretty much anything resembling a metal cylinder, with a few pipes, will do.


Hey guys,

Some great suggestions. I think I will buy a couple of bits and build around. Thanx guys.