[Archive] Steam Loco Warmachine


I’ve laid my hands on one of these: http://www.cybermodeler.com/hobby/builds/airfix/build_airfix_5871.shtml

I think this has real scope, but can anyone enspire me? I’d like to make a kolosus or a deamoneater, but i’m stumped of where to start…

i need an inspiration injection.

Kera foehunter:

well sweety take the gear off !!! then use the steam tank as the body !!

add arms and piston power leggs

make a cool kolosus


To start with, decide what you want to make: A Kollossus, an artillery piece or a CD Steam Tank? Looking at the parts, I would go with a CD tank.

To start with, I’d say the wheels are too delicate-looking for anything crafted by a Dwarf: it would just sink into the mud on a battlefield. So maybe try to beef up the wheel rims. Chaos Stars from WoC/CSM plastics to the wheels, like hubcaps :slight_smile: Maybe add some kind of dozer blade to the front. Some kind of extra bodywork to cover up the very cylindrical body too, its a dead giveaway.

I like the platform on the back, definitely keep that for crewmen/Sorcerer/Daemonsmith to ride in.

Perhaps consider Ork trukks/Dreds, Defiler, Inquisitor Karamazov’s throne, Penitent Engine, IG Sentinel for bits. Depends how crazy you want to go really.


My first thought was something similar to this lord of battle:



Wow, excelent model :slight_smile:

I love it :smiley: