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I’m amazed by this stuff. I’m not an expert but the idea of a computing digital era in Victorian age is something really cool! I do not dare to imagine what they would create if this achine would be completed. Our Chaos Dwarfs engineers would kill for it!

The Babbage Engine | Babbage Engine | Computer History Museum


Very nice, and very interesting. Curse you… now I’m going to have to get a book on this… :stuck_out_tongue:


I am always fascinated by the Antikythera, which seems very advanced for the time (but easily within the skills of the chaos dwarfs).

The one above is impressive as well.


I am always fascinated by the Antikythera, which seems very advanced for the time

Many would be surprised just how advanced things were in "BC" times. We can all thank religion, and in particular Catholicism, for centuries of setback in technological advancement and oppression of scientific discovery.

Technology advances at an exponential pace, and any set back in advancement early on (as opposed to just a delay) has considerable repercussions.  Our advances of the last century may have happened in the 1500s or even earlier if it weren't for the above noted groups... not taking into account contributions of specific individuals who have furthered our understanding who would not have been present during earlier eras.



If Babbage had funding, we could have had the computer age a good hundred years earlier. It would have been mechanical rather than electrical, so very different in many ways.


If your after steam punk try this


Models look ace :slight_smile:


Nice links guys. I know I found steampunk lovers in a Chaos Dwarf website :slight_smile:

Now I’m looking for this book:

The Difference Engine by William Gibson | LibraryThing

My sister lives next to Mountain view so this will be a must of my next trip to California on January. :slight_smile:


Good old Babbage, a shame he had no funding. This place would look very different if he would have :stuck_out_tongue:

Sweet looking mini’s, Loki ;D