[Archive] Steam Tank and Magic Question


Now that the Steam Tank has lost it’s immunity to spells that don’t have a strength value, how does it work against spells that require some sort of test or die?

Am I correct in thinking that against the Purple Sun say, you would take the initiative test using the commanders initiative value, as it’s troop type has now been changed to Chariot? Or have I missed something somewhere along the line?

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Hang on - just been over to the Empire Forum, and looked at the Errata again, and it seems the bit about auto-failing initiative tests has not been removed from the book, so in this case the Steam Tank would auto-die if hit by the purple sun, yes? And what about other tests, Dwellers below etc?


Yup, that’s correct. Basically as the Empire player you need to make sure you dispel those ones! Another one to watch out for is a skaven warlock with skitterleap and the Brass Orb


Sorry to bring this back, but I have read on the internet (which never lies) that the Steam Tank is still immune to the Pit of Shades. As I understand it, the Steam Tank can now be affected by spells without a strength value and auto-fails initiative tests, so if it is hit, it should plop right in the pit.

If it is immune to Pit of Shades, please could someone tell me where the specific rules reference conferring it’s immunity is?



there arent any specific rules referencing this… The Steam Tank isnt immune to magic and auto fails “In” tests… and as such would die to sun and pit.


In the empire rulebook faq found on the Gw site it clearly states the following:

"Can the spell pit of shades from the lore of shadows affect a steam tank?

Awsner: No"



interesting… seeing that the faq is the same as the old one with the errata and a few additions i would be willing to bet that this was an oversight… I sent in an email just now to get clarification… it seems odd to have one spell do one thing and the other very similar effect do nothing.


Thanks, I knew it must be there somewhere, just couldn’t see it.