[Archive] SteamDrill


Just for clarification this in regards to the miner sprue and the steamdrill specifically.

regardless of whether its the blade spinner or not, a contraption that does +3 to str (I think it might be the most ingame single + str weapon there is) Should be a monster sized drill strapped to the chest of one lucky midget. I was looking forward to it being something large and crazy and awesome for conversions, that one is small and dissapointing.






Got me. Is there a picture anywhere of this thing? is it the thing mounted on the pony or something else?


Adds to the chorus… What was that?

Lord Zarkov:

mabey he hit the wrong button in reply to the miner thread?


Yea sorry i dont know where else it would of been put. It is a rumor because it is ridiculous if that is actually it haha.