[Archive] Step into the dark millennium universe, and win a 40k, 4k points army!


Dark Millennium Universe is a community for the upcoming next-gen MMO, Warhammer 40k: Dark Millennium Online and we are glad to say that we made it a reality and we are finally on air, after many days of construction.

With a lot of excitement we announce our grand prize for the winner of our launch contest, which we announced a few days ago.

In order to prove our respect and our dedication to the 40k universe and where we are aiming for as a community, we are setting up a grand contest, exclusively for our members.

The grand prize winner of our contest will recieve a fully painted Warhammer 40k army of his/her choice - consisting of 4000 Points - which he/she will be able to select through the inventory of our qualified partner.

Join the Dark Millennium Universe today, and step into the universe of the Dark Millennium Online, the n.1 next generation mmo !