[Archive] Still waiting


Spoke to Forge World yesterday hoping to place an order for pick up at the open day. I asked if the K’Daai Destroyer would be available on the day and was told no but it will be out soon. Not much to go on but there you go.




I genuinely hope that something awful happened to the model or to the mold.


I genuinely hope that something awful happened to the model or to the mold.

Was it that horrible? I thought it would make as wacky a Chaos monster as any.

It's far from the best, of course. I'd prefer something else for the big K'daai.


Was it that horrible?

Your statement doesn't even get close to the loathe I have for that monstrosity. Biggest fail in Chaos Dwarfs' story. More than the rules for the Ironsworn. More than not being redone in 6th edition (well, maybe not this big, but I'm just being melodramatic anyway :cheers)

Grimbold Blackhammer:

No no, you’re find Skink =) To do any less would be to understate how bad it is.


They’d have to do something surprisingly good with the destroyer for me to pick one up now that I’ve given up the wait and converted my own, but I was hoping to at least catch a glimpse of it again at open day. I do think if they were to have it on sale there be it released on the day or available in limited numbers early that they wouldn’t tell anyone beforehand anyway, so I wouldn’t believe them completely on that one.


I can’t imagine they’d run with that “draft” version we saw from the Open Day. I think that was a sort of practical joke, wasn’t it?

Like, some back office sadist said “here, put this in the cabinet, and let’s watch those CD grognards go completely feral”.