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We have now reorganized and set up new index threads in the Stories & Background section, as part of our ongoing restoration of Chaos Dwarfs Online. The previous arrangement grew forth ad-hoc and organically as the ongoing Chaos Dwarf culture project swelled, being sorted after genre (fables, songs, proverbs and so on). The new arrangement is laid out for future growth in all the various big settings where our Chaos, Abyssal and Infernal Dwarves and Dawi Zharr and Twisted Duardin are to be found.

As such there is now a pinned background & stories index thread for:

Kings of War will receive one as well, whenever we have a number of stories & background pieces set in that fictive world. We do however have an official piece of news on Abyssal Dwarves from Mantic itself! If you have Facebook, then check out this video: Meet the Villains: Karzel Runesbane


On a final note on this part of the forum, we would warmly like to recommend Uther the unhinged’s Age of Sigmar writings, and ashur’s Warhammer Fantasy writings. Two relatively new debutants on the Chaos Dwarf writing scene, with great flair and learning put into their Warhammer stories. For those of you who haven’t discovered them already, check them out in the Stories & Background section!

The Staff

Also on CDO: Artisan’s Contest XXVIII (Deadline 31st of October)


I do like him, although the model pic looks squashed / squatter than his publicity pic


Looks beautiful.

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Great work Admiral! :hat off


Awesome work Admiral! :hat off  Thank you so much for taking the effort.  


Uther the unhinged:

Stirling work Admiral. You are amazing. Thank you.


Thank you most kindly, folks! :hat off