[Archive] Storm of Magic & Chaos Dwarfs?


I had heard the rumors of Storm of Magic including nostalgic OOP races and other lesser known Warhammer races being covered (with unit entries) in the new rules, and then heard about the return of our beloved CD beasts of war (Great Taurus & Lammassu) getting official updates and Finecast re-release…

Then I read the official confirmation of Fimir and Zoats both being given units for the Ogre Kingdoms army in the GW website’s Storm of Magic news.

This all has me wondering if anyone knows how big of a role Chaos Dwarfs will feature in the new SoM expansion book.

Anyone heard if there will be any other CD related entries? Any new CD magic users or related Cataclysm spells? Will we be able to use the Warhammer Forge CD armylist with the Storm of Magic book, since it seems each army uses the new rules in there own army-specific way?

I have heard that the Tamurkhan list refers to rules in Storm of Magic for Taurus and Lammassu for our lord mounts, which indicates a possibility that the 2 books might be compatible!

Forgive me if this news and question has already been covered elsewhere.

Thommy H:

They are compatible in the sense that Storm of Magic is a general supplement to the rules - in other words, while there are some army specific rules (like the Cataclysm spells), the main thrust of the book is a change to the basic way that Warhammer is played. I mean, think about it: if it was that tied to specific armies, what would happen when they released a new Armies book? As for the spells, as long as you have wizard with access to the rulebook Lores, you can use them, and I think every Lore is also linked to one of the main seven for the Winds of Magic spinner thing - it may even be that the WF book addresses this specifically too! If they refer to SoM for monsters, they may also chuck in some other SoM stuff. Who knows?

As far as I know though, there’s nothing for Chaos Dwarfs besides the Taurus and Lammasu. I did read a rumour in passing though that the Lammasu is actually a wizard now, which should be interesting.


That is interesting about the rumor of Magic using Lammasu, because I thought I had read that it is no longer a Sorceror-specific mount.

If this is true, that would be an insanely potent Lord combo. Killy lord on flying killy wizard monster!

I was under the impression from the new preview material on the GW site, that each army had access to a different set of new bound allies (Like High Elves having packs of White Lions), and army-specific way of using the rules (like Dwarves and their new runes & dispell abilities, and Wood Elves and there new terrain changing abilities)…

It seems that some monsters and new units are usuable by any army, but I wasn’t sure if Chaos Dwarfs would be unusuable in SoM games, because the might lack the new army-specific ultra-magic items, cataclysm spells, and bound units coverage that the official armies will receive.

I could imagine that there might be a reference under the Warriors of Chaos section, mentioning Chaos Dwarf armies and contigents as being counted as part of the chaos mortal hordes (thus accessing the WoC-specific SoM rules). Afterall, they still have the CD Hellcannon and crew, which is quite the uber-magical unit.

Thommy H:

Some of the Cataclysmic spells are army specific, yeah, but the summoned monsters can be used by everyone. There’s a picture of an O&G army with an unridden Carnosaur fighting some Bretonnians with a Chimera, for example. I think the idea is that players should theme their allies (so High Elves should have White Lions, Bretonnians should have Unicorns and Hippogryphs, etc.) but there’s no rule that says you can’t chuck in what you like.

As I understand it, in SoM games, you get +25% of your points value to spend on “SoM stuff”, which includes hugely powerful magic items (a page with a 200 point magic sword has been shown) and “Scrolls of Binding” or something, which let you include monsters. It’s not quite clear how allied units work at this time.


That is interesting about the rumor of Magic using Lammasu,

Looking at some of these links here, it does seem to confirm that the 'new' Lammasu can cast spells.


I had heard about them doing a fincast Lammasu and Great Taurus which i took with a pinch of salt but it does seem to be happy which means i can now have a second one in my army not to mention the one from WF as well :slight_smile:


It gives a whole new meaning to summoning to my VC. Might use the Taurus and Lammasu with my WoC too.


yep its confirmed with pics in the new WD. Both the lammasu and taurus can be summoned (they have no rider and are bound creatures that any army can use).

Finecast costs £21.50 each, which isnt too bad in all honesty. I like the blue and purple scheme they have come up with for the lammasu.

Thommy H:

You know what would be really useful? A rumour roundup or something, because a lot of the same questions seem to be getting asked a lot at the moment, and all the information is spread across, like, eight different threads.

Ancient History:

Well, we do technically have the Chaos Dwarf Rumours subforum. Some kind, benevolent, and all-powerful mod could just move the threads there.


I think £21.50 is a fair price for these two great models also means that the value of them on ebay should come down a bit now as well


I have a spare lammasu sorceror if anyone wants one to add to a finecost lammasu?


Lammasu and Taurus rules are included in the Storm of magic as shown in the most resent ‘what’s new today’.

Great Taurus   M WS BS S T W I A Ld   Troop Type  Unit size  

                     6  5   0   6 5 4 3 4  6    Monster        1          

Special Rules: Flaming  Attacks, Fly, Large Target, Terror, Blazing Body(Any model in base contact at the start on combat takes a S4 flaming attack. Any non-magical attacks suffer -1 penalty to wound.), Fueled by Fire( cannot be wounded by law of fire spells but if successfully targeted by one such spell gains D3 wounds.

Options: Frenzy and hatred also option to have a S4 flaming breath weapon.

Lammasu        M WS BS S T W I A Ld   Troop Type  Unit size  

                     6  3   0   5 5 4  1 2  6    Monster        1          

Level 1 wizard can be upgraded to level 2.

Special Rules:Fly, Large Target, Magic Resistance (3), Terror, Sorcerous Miasma(Effects of magical weapons in base contact are nullified.)

Options: One +1 strength attack also option to have a S4 magical breath weapon.


Thommy H:

Yeah, I already posted that in the Storm of Magic rumour thread. This is why we need everything in one place, people.


I have a spare lammasu sorceror if anyone wants one to add to a finecost lammasu?

Darnit, if it wasn't for the fact I swore to my fiance I wouldn't buy any warhammer until my next paycheck comes in I'd take you up on that


Yeah, I already posted that in the Storm of Magic rumour thread. This is why we need everything in one place, people.

Thommy H
Agreed, just how it's done on Warseer. Also, it'd be great if some almighty and benevolent mod could fix the painting competition page on the site, so that all newer entries and winners can be seen on a separate page as the older ones.

Thanks in advance. ;)


I Love the rules for the new Lammasu! (damn, I put my lord on a Taurus… a well, I have a body and no head. i see a challange.


Yeah, I already posted that in the Storm of Magic rumour thread. This is why we need everything in one place, people.

Thommy H
Given how much overlapping information there is (Forgeworld models, rules, Storm of Chaos, finecast, monsters rereleased), it's a real pain and it doesn't help when people open new threads on exactly the same subject (with near identical thread titles!). I've tried merging threads and it keeps happening. The way that Warseer does it is to dump pretty much everything into a single thread and then lock everything else, which is actually a huge pain for anyone who doesn't read that thread regularly since it becomes very long in a short time.

If anyone wants to, they can gather the pertinent info into a new thread and I'll point subsequent threads at that one. Then we'll update the info in the first post as we get new info.

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