[Archive] Strength 7 hobgoblin hero


After considering a few ways to represent a hogob hero with St7 I pulled an ogre out of my bitz box…

Hope you enjoy!


The Flying Beaver:

Hahaha, this is epic! Please say you have more of these hilarious conversions!


he looks like he has s7 :slight_smile:

The Slaver:

hahaha…that makes me happy, and oddly enough, the head looks to be on the right scale!


It really fits together, what I now want to see is him in a hobgoblin unit!

Traitor King:

Haha! thats crazy!

What size base is that beast on?


Grot, SMASH!

Hehehe, very nice. Best example of WYSIWYG I’ve seen!

If I ever do one, I’ll get a regular gobbo and sculpt outsized arms onto it.


Dude! Does that Ogre stand up on a 20mm base? I guess it must to take the pics but I’m talking about during games. Kinda makes GWs large bases for Orcs, beastmen and the like a bit of a joke.


Now that’s a hobbo that can kick some serious butt!!

I love him, he’ll make your opponents freak out :0



HAha that guy is so funny and I think thats why people take hobbie heros.

I bet he’s the genral no chaos dwarf would fight that.


no ofence, but i think you shouldn’t let your slaves eat so many doughnuts, they put on weight

that hobgobogre certainly looks sdtrength 7, i wouldn’t like to be on the reciving end of that sword


Ogre models stand without bases, and he fits in a unit of gobbos on one, see pic…


Wow, it looks even more loveable in a unit. But you should try to fill the gap in his base…


He looks great ranked up very funny mini:h rule

how come he has no gauntlets of gaz on:)


None of the gobbos are based as I havent decided on a basing theme yet. I have been toying with making rock/lava bases using clear resin and under-lighting them with LEDs so the lava glows. I have made a few good molds but the resin is proving tricky.


I love that idea Rootbeer! If you do it you’ll have to post a tutorial


underbase lighting lol whatever next!