[Archive] Stripping paint (metal models)


I have an Old school Earthshaker the catch is it’s painted. I have heard of people using paint strippers on the metal models.

So I am wondering what is best to use given I don’t wan’t to hurt the model? Thanks in advance for any help you guys can give me.

Thommy H:

Dettol works on everything.


In the sticky of the ideas and advice sub forum you can find : Guide To Stripping Plastics. It says stripping placstic, but it will probably also work on metal.


there is only one thing I use for stripping paint on metal. Nitro moor’s paint remover, Care must be taken when using it as it will actualy sting skin when it comes in contact but for effortless paint removal there is no better chemical. Dettol simple green or Pine oil works great on plastics but for metal nothing compairs to the power of nitro moors.

P.s Nitro moors eats plastic so its a good idea not to use that on plastics

Hashut’s Blessing:

I find that Dettol works just fine, as it does with plastics. Not to mention, that it doesn’t damage plastics either, so you can safely strip the paint from multiple models without worry. furrie’s posted the link that I wanted to mention and I believe that it also works with Simple Green in the same manner. For a quicker stripping/soaking process, add less water.


Thanks a bunch for all the help I’ll try it tonight.

Time of Madness:

Not sure if they sell it over in Austrailia, but here in Canada the best product for stripping models is called SIMPLE GREEN. It is a heavy duty cleaner that is actually a very green product (you can dump it down the sink etc).

I leave my models for a night to soak in SIMPLE GREEN and then use a brush on them. All the paint is easily removed.

Time of Madness


yeah I recently made the mistake of putting grey knights in nitro mors, I completely forgot they have plastic back packs and they melted away to NOTHING.


For metal grab your Mom’s/sister’s/wife’s/girlfriend’s nail polish remover and an old toothbrush, it works wonders.


I usually use paint stripper, but I usually have 15 years of paint to get through :slight_smile:

Tarrakk Blackhand:



90% rubbing alcohol on metal, “Simple Green” on plastic


Like the other said you should get SIMPLE GREEN, its available from bunnings here in Australia.

Captain Crayon:

By far the best thing i’ve found is a 3 buck can of carburettor cleaner.

In a pressure pack with an extended nozzle thing, squirts a jet of the stuff and just blows the paint straight off.

Dissolves superglue, greenstuff, old paint ab solutely everything.

Only thing i’m careful of is to make sure i wash the model in the old hot soapy water afterwards to make sure i get all the cleaner off.

It evaporates fairly quickly, but i use it in my shotguns to strip the lead out of the bores… so one could imagine what it would do to an old warhammer model if left too long.

I’ve never ever had a drama though.

Biggest problems with it are overspray and the fumes are pretty gnarly, but with the hose/tube/nozzle thing on you can be very direct with your spray and your exposure is minimal.

I reckon it only takes 20-30 seconds a model… If that.

Da Crusha:

I soak metal models in a jar of acetone. Gets the paint loose in just a few minutes. Then i scrub with an old toothbrush.

Captain Crayon:

i also rate acetone and toothbrush.

however it made far too much mess :stuck_out_tongue:

With the carbie cleaner you hold the slotta bit with a set of pliers and spray away. No trying to scrub a gooey mess off your hands…

but it certainly is a most effective method.


I went to do the dettol idea last night but all I could find was pine-o-cleen so I scrapped that idea for the moment, (I’m going to try it on a plastic model)

Captain Crayon your idea sounded by far the quickest but I don’t really trust myself to do it safe enough.

I did have some nail polish remover and some rubbing alcohol, after debating with myself I tried the nail polish remover. I scrubbed it with a make-up removal pad dipped in the nail polish remover like you would with nails but it took too long so I left it in there for about 15mins (I checked on it) and got to it with the tooth brush (and more scrubbing with the pad) took a long while but it turned out well, the rubbing alcohol worked much the same. I still have 2 other models (the cannon and the other crew member) so I figure I’ll give the others a try too, to see which works best. Once again Thanks for all the help.

I need to go to bunnings in the next few days so I’ll be looking for Simple Green while I’m there. 97% of my army is hacked and converted plastic models so I can keep using it afterwards (I still haven’t figured out how I want to paint my CD’s (I’m scared I’ll let them down with my lack of skills)) so that solves another of my procrastinations I’ll just keep painting until I like it. Once again you guys have spurned me into action :cheers