[Archive] Strollaz rune and characters


So under the current edition of warhammer fantasy battles i.e. 8th edition, dwarfs may take a runic banner with the Strollaz rune to give the unit vanguard.

How does this affect a character in the unit? My view is as this is a magic item / rune it would also apply to characters who join the unit much such as when you give a unit the flaming banner this carries over to the attacks of any characters who join the unit.

As the vanguard comes from a runic banner and is not a “natural” ability of a unit, I read the usual rules of special abilities from units not applying to characters joining the unit as not applying but would be keen for any TOs or anyone else who has had to rule on this.




I think chars are affected by the banner as soon as they join the unit, but I don`t have the rulebook here to confirm this.


Agreed with TheHoodedMan - the banner effects all minis in the unit including characters unlike an innate special rule the unit has which wouldn’t. The only exception would be if the rune’s rules specifically state characters don’t benefit from it. It would also work in the other direction - if a BSB with the rune was in the unit, the unit would benefit from the rune.

Grimbold Blackhammer:

I don’t understand why it wouldn’t work on a character in the unit. If I had a Banner of Swiftness or the Flaming Banner in a unit, those would work on a character. Why wouldn’t any other??