[Archive] Stunted Skeletons


I’m currently in the process of converting some Dwarf Skeletons based on Phytrion’s model over on WarSeer (linky-link) but I have a few things I need to iron out before hand.

There are numerous things I need to take into consideration; first of which is to decide if i want to create a Dwarf army or a VC army. The second of which is to what to include in the army. I will only be making 500pts so I need to think carefully about this.

I would much rather create a VC army, but the problem I have is I have no idea how I would convert dwarf-ghouls. However if anyone can give me a decent 500pts VC army list not including ghouls i’ll be happy to listen. :hat off


It really depends on what kind of army you are hoping to play. But, how about a fighty vc character decent with magic backed up by skeletons and zombies. And give him the ability to raise dead just to bolster your numbers.

Kera foehunter:

i just used skelliton part from tomb king and goblin legs for my curst crew


sounds interresting

how about mixing slayer and ghoul parts

slayer legs and heads and ghoul upper bodies

dont know how it will look,but maybee it´ll work

maybe you could use a cd sorcerer as a necromancer(i´m sorry hashut,please don´t strike me)


Tah for the replies.

If I was to do Ghouls, then the plan my local GW came up with was pretty much the same. This consisting of a fusion of a ghoul and a doomseeker; so essentially a ghoul with a mohawk, dragging 2 chain axes behind him.

This sounds awesome but my converting skills a’int really the best. :wink:

I think the list I’ve came up with is around 2 lots of 10 skeletons, 1 lot of 10 grave guard (ironbreaker based), 20 zombies and a necromancer. Advice would be helpful as I havn’t a clue.

I might also be entering a doubles tournament with a friends skaven army, if I will i’ll be adding another 250pts onto this.


The Undead Slayers idea sounds best for your Ghouls, I have to agree. Even just a ghoulish paint job would go a long way towards making them look undead.


Slayers seem to be the best idea. Damn why didn’t I think about that. So just out of curiosity what is your list. (I want to see it in format with what everything has and such)


Oh man, I can’t wait to make a cursed company for my chaos dwarfs using these ideas.

The helmets in the VC skels are perfect! and so are goblin legs!

My high priest has learned necromancy and has risen a contingent of dwarfs that we slayed, in cruel mockery! We do not just let our victims die!