[Archive] Style of buildings


I am planning to make a chaos dwarfs fortress(yes ill show pics) but i wondered what style of building the have like babylonion or something for my walls and gates , and im planning to have a sort of greek temple on the top dedicated to hashut.:hat off


It would probably be similar to the mountain fortresses of their eastern cousins, since though they are evil, they are still dwarfs.

If not mountain fortresses, then probably ziggurats.


Im going to have a ziggurat with walls all around the steps and then the temple on top with a cauldron in it , if i was to do a mountain fortress id have thers in a volcano which im also doing…


i think black rock would be suiting, with a lot of tapered square towers, pillars, plinths and slightly slanting rock walls. And the doors would probably be cast bronze.

Kera foehunter:

stone wall of obsidian with a great arch doors .

Hashut’s Blessing:

My perosnal view is a ziggurat, built into a volcano if need be :smiley: , with European-style gothic walls surrounding it. Heavy stone or metal gates as well. Just my perosnal taste.


Hmm sort of a dark Aztec feel to the buildings,

Do the Chaos dwarfs sacrifice hobs to the bull god?


IMO, like this

For the temple, maybe something like this…

and don’t 4get a liberal smattering of bull topped collumns…


what al-hashut said. lol

or babylonian, like you said:

which looks like a volcano. and could work, if you don’t mind the people living on the side of it dying a horrible flaming death everytime the volcano erupts. lol


Chaos Dwarfs should have a technological element to their buildings as well. By all means utilise Babylonian or Classical buildings for the base architecture, but definitley they need to be made a little bit more steam-punky. The odd smoke stack, conveyor belt, piece of machinery, that sort of thing.