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One trick is not to put flock/spackle/dirt on parts of the base, and instead sand it down, then glue small hemispheres (like half a plastic BB) onto it, then paint it green, to make it look like swamp gas is bubbling in the water. Make sure its glossy.

Also, you can cut the figures off below the knees, then glue them to the base, so they look like they’re sunk into the swamp water.





They are pretty good, but not cheap.

Good for ideas though I think. The swamp ones (top) would be easy to do with gloss varnish over a bit of smooth greenstuff.


I like the bubbles! But the chop them off at the knees idea GRNDL is a great one!

Da Crusha:

well these are not swamp but with a different paint job they can be

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Ishkur Cinderhat:

I always found that the bases of these Swamp Necrons looked particularly convincing… and I’m sure they are actually simple to do

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zoinks! yeah, those rock… that whole battalion looks very cool… very active… I love the slime look! and yeah, looks pretty easy too… same pvc glue technique most likely…

Tarrakk Blackhand:

Those posted pics by Grim are awesome!

lol where are the knees on a dwarf model * kera smiles*

Easy! Up their kilts! LOL!