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Grimbold Blackhammer:

Has anyone managed to create any decent lists using Swedish Comp? My local meta is thinking of trying it but I can’t seem to make a list that doesn’t score really, really poorly. I could use some suggestions!


Where can I find the Swedish comp?


Where can I find the Swedish comp?

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@Grimbold :
I tried to evaluate a list (quite standard : 1 lvl 4 prophet, 1 bsb, 30 guards, 2 units of hobgobs, 1 magma, 1 K'Daai, centaurs) and it gets a nice score, but maybe it's not your kind of list.
I must also precise that the rules may have changed since my last attempt.

Time of Madness:

The system really penalizes players that like to take large blocks, war machines and flyers.

Unfortunately the system really handicaps chaos dwarf players. I beleive the Destroyer is -70 or was last year anyways. The majority of the war machines were -15 at least as well. And the chalice was -25 ish as well.

The best lists I’ve come up with all have relatively low war machines count and no destroyers.

If you focus more on castellans and smaller units of great weapon armed chaos dwarfs supported by hobgoblins you will come up with a list that scores well and can still compete against most armies. The castellans are great because of the extra magic item allowance they have and for being stubborn. Also if the games are at smaller point levels (like 2000pts) you won’t run into as many issues.

I’ll have to look it up again but my list was something like this (keep in mind this was a 2000pt list)

- Castellan (general)

- Castellan (BSB)

- Level 2 smith

- 19 chaos dwarfs with great weapons (2 castellans here)

- 20 archers

- 20 archers

- 2 rockets

- 3 bulls

- 3 bulls

- 5 wolf riders

- 5 wolf riders

- dreadquake with ogre

The list came in right around -100 if I remember correctly.

Time of Madness

richard barby:

what level are you playing the comp at. im running an event early next year that is about playing softer/fluffier armies. and we are using Swedish for it I have set the range between 14 hardest and 19 softest.

from what I have found you are going to find it really hard if you take a flying lord and a destroyer together that all the scores you get for level 4 bale, Taurus, destroyer and the combo points for all 3 is heaps and leaves you very few points left over.

if your aiming for a list around the harder end of Swedish leave the destroyer at home and maybe the bale Taurus as well I think the destroyer has really been worked out by good players and its a waste of 325 points that you can do heaps more with.


My group recently switched to it and I like it a lot. we originally were making 9 lists but now we do mid teen ones. My 14.3 list is something like this:

Level 3, fire , great Taurus

level 1 fire

taur’ ruk



20 hobo archers

20 hobo archers

23 IG with GW, banner of swiftness

4 BCs, mus, GWs

3 BCs, mus, GWs



So far its been a fun time.