[Archive] Swiss's CD vs DanRuud's DE


This was a LIVE Battle Report on RoW


Battle report so far

Top of Turn 1 (Dan)

Moves up, shades move up to shoot.

Lvl 2 fails to cast blade wind. Power of Darkness to get dice. Black Horror miscasts… roll boxcars (IF cast and forget spell) kills 12 Hobgobs and panics them.

Lvl 4 frags 5 blunderbuss with Black Horror.

Shooting kills 4 black orcs, 2 bull centaurs.

Bottom of Turn 1 (Swiss)

Lord on Great Taurus charges Cold One Knights.

Magic: Lightning Rod miscasts walking death, takes wound and forgets.
Other one casts and succeeds on Black Orcs, but it is dispelled.

Earthshaker misfires, rolls a 6. They thought they were Civil War re-enactors and didn’t load the shot.
Death Rocket roll a hit and lands perfectly in the Spear Elves. Kills a total of 8 (12 remain).

Combat: COK champ challenges. He gets plastered across the country side. Knights lose by 4, but hold. Top of Turn 2:

Top of Turn 2

Movement: Meh Stuff moves up

Magic: Lvl 2 used power stone to cast blade wind… killed a single Black Orc when I had 11 attacks from it.

Doom bolt fails.

Word of Pain cast IF on Bull Centaurs.

Shooting:Shades kill 4 Black Orcs

Chariot misses (again)

Crossbows kill a bull centaur

Bolt Thrower multishots the BC to oblivion.

Other one kills a single blunderbusser.

Combat: 2 wounds from knights on Taurus are both saved (5 and 6 on save roll)

1 Knight survives onslaught. Cold One fails to do anything.

Terror + outnumber vs Fear = Needing insane courage. Failed. Knight caught on pursuit.

BOTTOM of Turn 2

Great Taurus Charges Bolt Thrower. Black Orcs charge shades.

Shades stand and shoot and drop an Orc.

Magic: #1 Death Missle kills 5 Black Guard. Other death missle dispelled.

Shooting. Earthshaker drifts 8" but slows chariot and blackguard.
Death Rocket gets a direct hit on the middle of the blackguard. Kills 6.
Blunderbuss wound 2 spear elves, but both make their 6+ saves.

Taurus slaughters crew. Overruns into next bolt thrower.
Black Orcs kill 2 Shades. Shades kill 3. Black Orcs hold.

Top of turn 3 (Dan)

Moveed up. Dark Riders get ready to go into flank, though Hobgobs are ready!

Magic: Bladewind kills 2 Dwarf warriors.
Both power of darknesses were either failed or dispelled.
Black Horror gets a scroll in the face.

Crossbows kill a single Blunderbussers
Dark Riders kill a single Hobgob

Shades finish off Black Orcs
Great Taurus kills off last bolt thrower

Bottom of Turn 3 (Swiss)
Hobgob block gets 6 on animosity! Surges forward 3".
Taurus moves to flank of Crossbows.

Death Missle attempt 1 fails
Death missle attempt 2 IF kills a spear elf.
Fail to cast walking death.


Earth shaker and death rocket both score hits. 6 Black Guard killed.
Taurus breathes fire on crossbows. 3 die.

Hobgobs do nothing. Dark Riders kill 1 hobgob. I win by 2 (I had 2 ranks and outnumber). Dark Riders run off the side of the table.

Top of turn 4:

Movement: Nothing other then crossbows turning to shoot Taurus.

Both PoD dispelled.
Bladewind fails.
Miscast on Black Horror. Roll of 7. No wound suffered.

Chariot misses.
Crossbow volley gets a wound on the Taurus. Dan farts, we joke the Taurus farted in response.

No combat phase.

Bottom of turn 4 (Swiss)

Taurus charges chariot
Hobgobs come back

Magic missle kills of black guard w/ 3 wounds.
Other spell dispelled.

Earth shaker drifts, but slows spear elves
Death Rocket rolls a hit, but my guess was a bit off. Kill an Elf.
Blunderbuss wound champ and lvl 4 sorc. Sorc has pendent and saves. Champ fails save. 3 Spear elves and sorc left in unit.

Rider and Taurus kill chariot off with attacks.

Top of turn 5

Shades fail terror. Run 11"!!!

Crossbows reform.

PoD goes off. +3 dice.
Chillwind kills 3 Blunderbuss.
Doom bolt kills a rocket crew.
PoD goes off. +2 dice.
Black Horror miscasts. Roll an 8. Magic phase ends.
Lvl 2 sorceress rolls a 2 and 1 for unused PoD dice. (To be fair, I warned him about that detil of PoD).

Crossbows get a wound on Taurus. No fart this time.


Bottom of turn 5:
Both hobgob units squabble.
Taurus charges lvl 2 on Dark Pegasus.

Both magic missles dispelled.

Warmachines drift a bit.

1 wound of sorceress
2 on pegasus
Pegasus gets a wound on Taurus.

Chick needs snakes. Rolls 12
Caught sorceress.

Top of turn 6
Shades fail to rally

Chill wind stopped.
PoD stopped.
Black Horror cast (stabbed musician with dagger). Kills 13 rank and file.

Crossbows fire into Blunderbuss.


Bottom of turn 6.
Taurus moves up to fire the spears.

IF Magic missle. All saved!
2nd Magic missle miscast! Black Horror cast! 4 Dwarfs die!

Earth shaker fires, would’ve landed right on the caster. Drifted 2". Kill standard bearer. Gets a wound on sorcer.

Death Rocket scores a direct hit! Right on the caster! Wounded, but she makes her ward.

Blunderbuss don’t do a wound. Nor does Taurus.

RESULT: Chaos Dwarfs massacred the Dark Elves.

DE Survivors: 7 Crossbows. Wounded lvl 4.
CD Survivors: Block of 22 warriors and BSB. Block of 12 warriors and wounded sorc. 5 Blunderbuss and sorc. Rocket and single crew. Shaker and full crew. Lord and Taurus (3 wounds on it). Unit of 8 Hobgobs. Unit of 17 Hobgobs.

My list

Lord on Great Taurus
Black Hammer of Hashut, Armour of the Furnace, Shield

Hero BSB
Armor of Gazrahk
Sword of Might

Lvl 2 Sorc
Staff or Sorcery

Lvl 2 Sorc

24 Warriors

24 Warriors

17 Blunderbuss

20 Hobgobs

20 Hobgobs

12 Black Orcs

6 Bull Centaus
Extra hand weapon, heavy armor Musician, Standard, Warbanner

Death Rocket

Earth shaker

Kera foehunter:

wow just think i sleeped thew this whole thing!! 3.07 am

great win swiss !!


Sleep who needs sleep

Oh yea, I do.

Da Crusha:

“we joke the Taurus farted in response.” thats funny :stuck_out_tongue: