[Archive] Swiss's Empire


I’ll take more pictures eventually… but here is the Pope-Mobile

For the grand city of Boodleburg!

Though my colors are red/black and blue/red.


In all honesty: This is one of the few times I’ve had commission work done (in fact the first of two times). I was very happy how it turned out. I just need to flock it now.

The rest of my Empire army is my work.


Its original the say the least! But beware so you dont run into any of these guys. Think they might have som opted special rules against it… Dada-dada-dada-dada(horror movie theme)



Nice tjub, nice.

Though Ulrich Zwingli also was around during the era of reformation… and he’s sometimes called a dictator… and he was Swiss… hmm… yet I was raised Catholic… hmmm… I sense a conspiracy going on… I think someone in my inner circle has betrayed me. walks off to get chainsaw


that’s a nice idea,

but the altar look’s to chaotic:hashut


its erm very (long silence) original

to be honest i quite like it. it looks like some sort of gothic altdorf thing


I looks great and definately has a Catholic feel to it.


Don’t you need a priest model or something on there? Or is the statue the character? I’m confused.


The Archer Lector isn’t shown, sorry about that.

Not sure who the dude is. I think I’ll call him Bob.

Kera foehunter:

I looks great and definately has a Catholic feel to it.

noooooo!! it bring back bad memorys of grade school !!! speedy!
i think it looks great swiss love the red and blue colors