[Archive] Swiss's Midwest Rampage List


Chaos Dwarf Lord

Black Hammer of Hashut

Armour of the Furnace


Great Taurus

Chaos Dwarf Hero


Armour of Gazrakh

Sword of Might

Chaos Dwarf Sorcerer


Lvl 2

Chaos Dwarf Sorcerer

Staff of Sorcery

Lvl 2

24 Chaos Dwarf Warriors


24 Chaos Dwarf Warriors


17 Blunderbuss


20 Hobgobs

La, Sh, Musician

20 Hobgobs

La, Sh, Musician

12 Black Orcs

6 Bull Centaurs

Musician, Banner


Death Rocket

Earth Shaker

Scores 3,489 on WPS or 17

I added the Bull Centaurs for some mobility that can hit decently hard too. Added the banner and warbanner for some nice cheap res. If I can get them on a flank… I would be going in with 3 CR.

While this list may not seem so hard core… that is part of the point of the Midwest Rampage.

I still think I can do quite well. For one game of the five I need a 250 pt DoW unit and I’m probably taking Ogla Khan’s unit… about 10 guys IIRC.

While I hope to do well, I’m really hoping to do well in the paint scores.

Though I hope to smash some skulls too. :slight_smile:

Alan the evil:

hey swiss… just a couple of question:

1- why don’t you use BT’s? a couple of them could work nice vs big target and heavy cavalry. You use only 2 stone thrower: don’t you feel the needing of a little bit of reliablity on shooting??

2- no shields on BO’s? and 12 models… a middle way beetwen a lots of talks on BO threads… But you put shields even in hobbos units!! Why don’t you protect BO as quite as hobbos?? (ok, i know that they alredy have T4 and 5+ of SA… but improve something good it’s not so bad imho)


Alan: For normal tournaments I’d probably have 2 throwers, a rocket, and a shaker. However, that’d really kill my comp score under WPS… so it’s a trade off. I’m going with the rocket as it has been fairly reliable for me. This is a situation where 2 BTs vs 1 DR does have a disadvantage.

That and I only have one painted right now anyways… and I’m scrambling enough to paint the rest of the army as it is. :stuck_out_tongue: I will add more later.

I also find any shooting being directed at Black Orcs (and they make wonderful shooting magnets) tends to be fairly decent in strength… so I’ll save the points. Hobgobs… I want to use them a light infantry. Plus the BO would only benefit from the walking save, as I’d almost always go extra choppa (and occasionally GW) on the BO

Alan the evil:

About shields on BO: if you take off one BO you’ve got enough pts for shields!

12 it’s already a weird number of models, so 11 too…

but at least I think it’s not the most important thing for your army!!

The list it’s quite balanced… but put da BT in!! (the painted one, please!!)


Alan: It’d really zap my comp score, as this tournament does emphasize that. It’d be a significant penalty for adding a warmachine at this point.

I actually find the Death Rocket to be more reliable. I’m very good at guessing ranges (having played Empire when I started, I got good at that). Statistically it should only misfire once per game… and 1/3 of the times it does misfire I don’t roll on the misfire table. It’s a rather stable warmachine. Where even at close range, half the time my BT doesn’t even hit… and against Cav or small units I only get one or two guys.

I find the Death Rocket does a very good job. For its cost I get a very stable warmachine that can drop heavy cav and infantry very easily. Plus even if I drift, I’m usually hitting something.

So for me it’s almost always hitting with the death rocket and it’s ability to drop en masse that makes it win out over the Bolt Thrower. 3 Bolt Throwers to one Death Rocket (which isn’t far off in points) then the Bolt Throwers do well.

It’s just the comp score isn’t too keen on BT saturation. So on a one to one ratio, the Death Rocket is better.