[Archive] Swiss's Nurgle Warriors of Chaos


Keep in mind, some have my old desert basing… I switched to the swampy basing on all of them. Also both units have halberds now.

First Warrior Block

I have added a few more to this unit and created a movement tray. There are 23 now, with a slot open for a character (6 wide).

First Warhound block

Tried getting the gums on these guys a little bit. They’re not amazing, but they’re warhounds so they’re a bit quick and dirty.

Wondering if the Warriors are good enough, as I’m finding myself wanting to add details to the shields or something. Do you think they’re good enough to catch the eye at all?

Edit: Yes, I am shaving the horns off all the helms aside from the champions. I like the look of the warriors sans-horns.


<img src="http://i430.photobucket.com/albums/qq28/swissdictator/Nurgle%20Warriors%20of%20Chaos/NurgleHalberds.jpg[/img]
I’ve since added freehand work to the banner.

Warshrine and two chariots. I have gone back on the shrines base and put the slime around the lip of the base.


Hellcannon crew with one of each type of Chaos Dwarf (given Nurgle colors to work in my army).


Battle standard bearer.

I need to see if someone got a pic of my army on the display board (I have a nice one) showing off the whole thing. I’m pretty proud of it!

Got a very high paint score at Blood in the Sun with these guys 42 out of 50 on the check list which you can look at here. My display board has a lot of colors painted on it, including some shading, and ‘watery/glossy’ effects to simulate slime and static grass. It also had a very nice name plate on it.


Not the best pic, but the only one I’ve found of my army with display board.


Nice mate I’m a big fan of Nurgle I think I’ve seen these on COTEC.


Looks good and love to see the old GD of Nurgle. Has always been a favorite from when I first found Warhammer… :slight_smile:


@Tjub, I do like this model and I used him as a GUO in 7th when true line of sight didn’t matter (since bought the current one, and I’m happy with that one as a GUO). I’ll probably use the old GUO, as I do like him too, as either a unit filler as needed or as a Nurgle spawn (seems appropriate, doesn’t it?). Plus MoN actually works nicely for Spawn IMHO. He may end up being a filler for Marauders as I’m planning on a unit of 60, and will have a few unit fillers.

@CopperPot, I’m pretty sure you’ve seen them there… and thank you. Nurgle is definitely my favorite of the four main Chaos gods!

Next up? Chaos Dragon. Being very careful though, as green skin might make the rider blend in too much… so I have to be very careful if he ends up green… and will be a darker shade to the rider still ‘pops’. The dragon, already converted from the DE dragon, will have its belly (the underside of the body, neck, and tails) actually have a sickly flesh tone to it. I might also make horns, and scales a yellow color (to fit theme and to add some pop to the dragon)… not sure yet. Though I do like that idea personally. I’ve got the leathery parts of the winds painted and looking nice.

I may also not go the ‘red eye’ route that is a bit cliche, but go yellowish (where our eyes our white) and pallid whites for the colored portion of the eye. I think it could look nice.

Really looking forward to painting that bad boy!

Also working on a big block of marauders for a tournament in September. Using Empire flagellants (all armed with scythes) as the basis to help give a Nurgle feel (and I’m not the biggest fan of the Marauder models). I’m also looking at, to help add some pop and make them look more Chaos like, at having them where warpaint (yellow… but with a thin brown border for contrast).


I love the green!

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Very, very nice. Top marks :slight_smile:


Finally a good pic of them on the display board!


Great stuff Swiss :smiley:

I cut all the horns off my guys also (they look better that way) then added little spikes to some. Wanted them to look like the art on one of the old warrior boxes.


Great work and kudo’s on your Hellcannon!!! Love the combination of two great models


very nice army, really looks the part,



Tarrakk Blackhand:

Awesome stuff! Love that “Green Scheme” going on there!

Kera foehunter:

Wow! nice come back!!Love the paint job on this army Swiss


Some Nurgle Ogre WIPs.


That’s some very nice sculpting. Great idea those cthlhoid heads, and very nice work.

Looking forward to see them painted :slight_smile:


Good too see that youre still around Swiss! :slight_smile:


Thats some really cool stuff, great work, great skills!!!


Anything new or do we have to wait for the things you get for your BDay?

Congrats btw!


I painted some Nurgle Knights, but I’m improving the armor a little bit as I was not certain if I should have different shades of green for rider and mount’s armor.

Also starting the chosen. Ogres are converted, but unpainted. Chosen will be higher priority. Got a test guy (the champ) almost done, just need to add runes and other cool details.

I’ll get pics soon!

Thank you as well. :slight_smile:


Here’s the Chosen champion. Still needs basing work.

Uncertain about the Mark of Nurgle on the one armor plate on his leg. Not sure if that is good to have, or if it should just be plain green. May add the arrows to it soon too.