[Archive] Swiss's Nurgle


I’ve been updating my Nurgle Daemons to work in 8th edition. Which means updating the appearance too!

All I have left to do is a handful of Plaguebearers (so I can go 40 strong), and some conversions for Furies.

After that I will consider conversions or other figs for “counts as” as other god’s daemons (IE: Toad riders could be used as bloodcrushers).

However, first up is a unit of Plaguebearers. I’ll try to get a better pic sometime too.

Tonight I will try and get a decent picture of my new GUO, and my new Nurglings (I have a lot of custom ones).


Cool, very grimy looking! NIcely done, Swiss. :slight_smile:


suitably disgusting. :wink:

Hashut’s Blessing:

Excellent! Hw did you get the muddy, crusty wet filth look?


Like them alot! :smiley:

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Yeah real cool stuff - like the colour scheme a lot! :cheers

Dark & evil!

The bases are great looking! How did you made them!



The basing was achieved using coarse pumice. I then painted in several shades (starting with knarloc green, and using camo green IIRC maybe others too) of green, and brown (brighter than the end colour). I threw on a devlun mud wash with varying amounts. I let that dry. I then threw one a couple coats of 'ard coat to make it look all slimey and moldy. I also used mixes of green and brown in patches before the washes/'ard coat. Sometimes, while the green was still wet, I took the brown dipped it quickly in my water jar, and dabbed quickly in spots to make a nice blotch look.

For the plaguebearers itself I painted the flesh with elf flesh. I then either layered washes on there with mud, purple, black. Mud, purple, flesh… or mud, purple, mud. Yes, different plaguebearers got different combos. The purple is VERY important, as it gives a bruised look. Sometimes I only applied the purple in patches, others to the majority. The purple was also works very well on anything red.

Swords involved several shades of green, some highlight work (and I may add another step in highlighting).