[Archive] Tactics and Strategy vs Beastmen

Singleton Mosby:

I’ll soon be playing a game with my CD against Beastmen. Found some advice here on the forum but it was all for the old lists.

I’ve never before faced beastmen and have absolutely no idea what they do or what their army’s strengths and weaknesses are.

Can someone give me some tips on how to handle these guys?

My list is as follows:

Lvl 4: Crown of Command/ Talisman of Preservation (Hashut)

Lvl 2: Chalice (Metal)

Lvl 2: Dispel scroll (Metal)

BSB: enchanted shield/Luckstone

25 IG with Blunderbusses - Full command

23 IG - Full command

2x Death Shrieker

Magma Cannon

3 Bull Centaurs with great weapon - no command

K’Daai Destroyer


Beastmen usually play with hordes of Gors and Bestigors for their main combat units. These things are dangerous when buffed by magic, but especially the Gors won’t be able to dent your armour much when you can prevent them from getting buffed.

Furthermore, they can play the “chaff-game” fairly well with units such as Razorgors and Skirmishing Ungors. It can be dangerous if your opponent can use such units to disrupt your battle-plan, so having some ways to deal with that can be handy.

Finally, a Minotaur bus can be brutal if it reaches you, but on the other hand is easily bated out and/or redirected by using lone Khans or Wolf Riders or such.

One more thing you can keep in the back of your mind is that their Leadership isn’t that great when outside of their General’s bubble, so keep an eye out for opportunities to send panic down their lines.

Good luck and let us know how the battle went!


Take alook at beastmen batreps on YouTube look for Oncebittens channel dude


They have virtually no shooting, and want/need to get in to combat.

With M5 they’re as quick as Elves.

Although with no artillery, have little answers to your warmachines like the slower orcs do.

So try to deny combat, unless its right for you.

I love my Beastmen, lol.

Let us know how you get on!


Watch out for ambushing units while rare some Beastman players favour them (including me), a ambushing unit of 20 Gor will eat your warmachines in quick time. Most Beastman armies favour Shadow Magic for nasty buffs and Pit, and watch out for a Herdstone with 2/3 low lvls Shamans around it.


try to fit in a Hellcannon to cause panic in low leadership troops,and anchor one of your flanks

Singleton Mosby:

Thanks for the tips guys. I think I’ll have to alter my list a bit. Is it wise to take a K’Daai to this fight or should I spend the valuable points on something else?


Beastmen have some of the best chaff in the game.

Razorgor, Harpies, Warhounds, core chariots, Unbows…

So they have ways to divert your Destroyer…

Still, It’s very good vs. Infantry.

I would aim for flank charges for less attacks back from the blocks.

Bestigor have Hatred & S6.

Gor have Hatred 2 attacks, & need only be buffed twice with Wildform for S6 T6 (when played properly).


Many Beastmen players play the Herdstone with 2 to 3 level 1 sorcerers all with mystifying miasma and a level 2+ with lore of beasts. It can be very brutal to play against as every wizard around that thing gives them an extra power dice and with enough miasmas you can make any unit, no matter how imposing, worthless.

If you see that on the table take it out as soon as possible as the army is build around buffing itself up and de-buffing the enemy in order to dominate combat. The Chalice will serve you well, as well as artillery of any sort.

richard barby:

this year i played a good beastmen player and really got caught off guard by him and by how good beast are ( at the time i did not know he had won the nz masters in 2010)

anyway i found that the destroyer that i was planing to smash face got led down the garden path having frenzy it has to over run all the time after taking out small units of nothing with out his suport the rest of my army got hammerd at 2400 points i lost by about 1800

so best advice get in to a corner and pick off all his chaff as best you can and try and pick off a big block afterwards

Singleton Mosby:

so best advice get in to a corner and pick off all his chaff as best you can and try and pick off a big block afterwards

richard barby
I'll keep that in mind and focus on the chaff.

Altered my army 'a little'.

Lvl 4: Crown of Command/ Dispell scroll/ Talisman of Endurance (Metal)
Lvl 1: Chalice (Metal)
BSB: enchanted shield/Luckstone

21 IG with Blunderbusses - Full command
23 Hobo's with bows+shields
24 Hobo's with bows+shields

2x Death Shrieker
Magma Cannon
3 Bull Centaurs with great weapon - no command

K'Daai Destroyer
Dreadquake mortar
5 Hobo wolfriders

This gives me more units, something to counter his chaff with and two units of (shooting) hobo's to bunker with and take out chaff with their bows.

Grimbold Blackhammer:

His units are lightly armoured so I don’t think Metal is the way to go. Also keep in mind with little/no shooting he will be coming to you. And expect blocks of ambushers to show up to try and eat your war machines. Deploy smart! Low leadership is this army’s weakness. Start forcing Panic checks and you’ll win handily.

Grimbold Blackhammer

richard barby:

maybe you could try death pick off the heros use the -1strenght and toughness and then gun his army down and the ld -3 spell to pull his army apart with panic combo with the hell cannon its -4 and beasts cant stand up to that