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The Slaver:

howdy all. so, as im getting close to publishing some of my painted stuff on the site, i was wondering what the best way is to take good photos, what cameras you all use, and any tricks you might have hiding in your hats. Also, how do you post pictures? I know its a newb kinda questions, but i honestly don’t know how! Thanks.

The Slaver :~

Hashut’s Blessing:

First of all, have good lighting. Secondly, be a foot or two away and use zoom. Thirdly, have macro (usually a flower symbol) on.

As for posting them, upload them to a host site (like www.photobucket.com) and then just copy the tag in here and post :D. Can’t wait to see them. (I use a digital camera. That’s all I know…)


I actually wanted to ask the same thing so thanks the Slaver for doing just that :slight_smile:

The Slaver:

no problem Nazhur, glad to help. Thanks HB i think it’ll really help. Now if i can only find that stinkin camera…


Here’s a good link for photo tips: http://warhammer.org.uk/PhP/viewtopic.php?t=26505

Hashut’s Blessing:

I hope it does :smiley: And you’re most welcome. I just hope we get to see the results :smiley:


Thanks for the advice, it is indeed useful. Now all I need it seems is a less temperamental camera


I found this as well http://www.coolminiornot.com/article

It’s an excellent page, with loads of other fantastic articles besides photography.