[Archive] Tamurkhan: 2000 Points Army List



Just wanting to present a 2000 point armylist. Playtested armylists for quite a while now with the updated (FW-PDF-publications) leaked GD-France armylist.

I´ve been playtesting quite a couple of lists, shifting some unit-strenghts and items around but this one is the final :wink: I used to new point costs I found around the web to create the list, so if there are point errors in the list, please excuse and correct me :hat off

The Armylist: 2000 points

Deamonsmith 105
+ General
+ Second Wizard Level 35
+ Lore of Metal
+ Enchanted Shield 5
+ Ironcurse Icon 5
+ Dawnstone 25
+ Scroll of Shielding 15
= 190 points

Deamonsmith 105
+ Second Wizard Level 35
+ Lore of Metal
+ Charmed Shield 5
+ Dispel Scroll 25
= 170 points

Centaur Tau´ruk  155
+ Blackshard Armour 15
+ Great Weapon 15
+ Other Tricksters Shard 15
+ Dragonhelm 10
+ Luckstone 5
= 215 points

19 Infernal Guards 228
+ Command 30
+ Fireglaives 95
+ Banner of Diszipline 15
= 368 points

40 Hobgoblins 160
+ Musician, Standard 12
+ Shields 20
= 192 points

Death Shriker Rocket 100
= 100 points

Death Shriker Rocket 100
= 100 points

6 Bull Centaures 240
+ Command 25
+ Shields 30
+ Great Weapons 60
= 355 points

Iron Daemon 285
+ Hellbound 25
= 310 points

Placement points: 5 (+1 on first turn throw usually granted…)
The older list with lower point cost simply had 1 more Bull Centaur and 2 more Infernal Guards.

The Daemonsmiths are a solid choice, which help me to get some magic (I think the sorcerer prophet is just too expensive on 2000 points games…), some decent magical protection and still some combat power added to my IG. Metal suits CDs well, as it increases their armour (needed for IG)/their ballistic skill (needed for IG/ID), kills heavily armoured troops (and dragons and steam tanks ;)), lowers armour saves so we can more easily score wounds, kills 1/3 of an enemies unit which is great for masses and tough elites alike.

Both Daemonsmiths go into the Infernal Guard. They form a solid bunker that is still able to dish out some serious hurt (12+4 S5 attackes…) even after some losses. It´s a good allround choice. I used to play 2x13 or such things, but while the regiments were more tactically, they weren´t really usuable and hitty enough anymore after they lost 5-7 models… A unit you can´t send into combat and win sucks, but two of them suck more :wink: So I ended spending some more points into 1 unit, but making them more resistant to damage and to use them later in the game. Sure, if the enemy wants them dead… but hey, in this case the rest of the army stays pretty much untouched!
I still think about exchaning them to 26 IG with hw/s combo. Sure, they loose 1S, but get more bodies AND get more resistant. Some time will tell! :wink:

The hobgoblins build a great trap with LD 10 from the general (9+1 from banner of discipline). Just shove it down your enemies throat and take the breaker/whatever out of the game for a couple of turns. Also, I wouldn´t underestimate the backstabbers rule… +3 CR from ranks, +1 CR from banner, +1 CR from charging and +3 CR from rear attacks is extremly impressive. Just turned a combat into my favour yesterday, where my bull centaures were surrounded by chaos warriors and a flying Chaoslord in their back. The HG charged the Chaoslord (which were in a challenge with my Tauruk) and added +8 CR without loosing a model in return. All Warriors + General broke from combat through that and I won the game. Lol! Always good to have some, especially because they fill your core points and the gap CDs are lacking (bodies).

The Deathshriekers kill monsters/warmachines or masses alike. Great deal for 100 points, especially because the have the homing missile plate-shots…

The Bull Centaures combined with the Tauruk are an impressive Force, which can charge head on even into the hardest enemies units. 4 St7 attacks and 12 St6 attacks + stomps are nothing to sniff at! Especially when the entire enemy unit has to reroll ward saves… nasty surprise for enemy characters, which fail to kill the Tauruk in a challenge but get killed instead. Tough unit I like to field. Even if only 3 with Tauruk reach the enemy line, it´s most times enough to seriously cripple the enemies troops. Just keep them away from 30 chosen with 3++ or 50 skaven slaves and they will do great! Little notice: The Tauruk isn´t just an hard hitting awesome model. With an 1+ AS (+1 reroll) and the dragon helm (2++ vs. flaming), he´s a great slayer of greater daemons of khorne :wink: Don´t forget about the wardsave, there are plenty of troops out there with flaming attacks!

The Iron Dameon is another allround unit. Tough to kill, shoots monsters/monsterous cavalry/heavy elites/warmachines/lone chars/etherals down like nothing, great to block out enemies troops, pretty neat in CC especially at the charge…


Edit: oops. I noticed this list is Invalid due to 25% points restriction for characters. I´m pretty sorry for that! Simply exchange the 2 Daemonsmiths for:

Sorcerer Prophet 265
+ General
+ Lore of Hashut
+ 4th Wizard Level 35
+ Enchanted Shield 5
+ Dawnstone 25
+ Ironcurse Icon 5
+ Dispel Scroll 25
= 360 points



I really like it except for the infernal guard. That is a tone of points to put into a 19 man unit, especially since i assume you will be putting your characters in there, thats looking to be close to half your army for something that isn’t terribly difficult to kill. I would cut out the fireglaves and replace them with more bodies, also now that you have a prophet you can cut the banner of discipline, i’d go for the banner of eternal flames. That plus ash storm is a winner.

Grimbold Blackhammer:

In your original list you only had 360ish points in heroes which is under the 500 point cap so you were fine there.

With the Bull Centaur Taar’ruk you’re running a unit of 7 Centaurs? I’d drop a centaur (and their shields) to put bows on your hobgoblins or another few Dwarfs. And have you considered parking one of the Deamonsmiths between those two rockets? I find my artillary much more important/killy than my magic to be honest…

Grimbold Blackhammer