[Archive] Tamurkhan campaign scenarios

The Gib:

I was going to try and run the campaign found in the Tamurkhan book and ran into an issue. Within each phase there are a list of other scenarios that can be played. Some of these I recognize from the rulebook, but the others I am not sure where to find them. Some of these are listed below. Does anyone know where the rules to these are?

Battle Royal (Phase 1)

Surprise Encounter (Phase 2)

Dark Monolith of Zhulgozar (Phase 2)

Hired Swords (Phase 4)

Loot and Pillage (Phase 4)

Heroic Last Stand (Phase 5)

Hold the High Ground (Phase 5)

Invasion (Phase 6)

Raze and Ruin (Phase 6)

River of Death (Phase 6)