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I have done a full summary of everything I’m aware of (credit to all those who posted on warseer).  

This thread is for discussion of all warhammer Forge things, but particularly for things relating to this first book.

Release date

Rumoured that some models will be out by Christmas (2010), Tamurkhan: Throne of Chaos out Feb/March/April time

The launch was originally intended for 2012 but the company want to start seeing a return on the investment in design so they will likely launch in early 2011 with 6-8 pieces and then a second wave to follow shortly after.

The production cycle is around 3 months and starting in November so around February release, Paul Rudge said that the books are being produced through Forgeworld and that there was one more IA book to come then this then another IA book then a slot which was undecided which could be the second of these.

Models intended for release (as far as I know)

Theodor Bruckner on Demigriffon (and on foot) the emperors new champion

Marienburg Land Ship

Tamur Khan a nurgle ogre ( possibly a human) riding the toad dragon.

Chaos Dwarf Siege Bombard (will have a chained ogre to load it with a couple of CD ‘motivators’)

Chaos Dwarf Skullcracker

Chaos Dwarf Magma cannon

Chaos Dwarf Demolition rocket

Chaos Dwarf Steam Engine

Chaos Dwarf Engineer (possibly also the second one)

Carmine Dragon

Chaos Ogre

Nurgle WoC Command

Plague Toads

Plague Toad rider


Marauder Chieftan

Nurgle Champion with 2 hand weapons

Nurgle Rotbeast

Models showcased but unlikely to be released

Empire upgrade sprues on display won�?Tt be produced (the fits weren’t tight enough) but they will likely re-work them and then release.

Nurgle champion with great weapon unlikely to be released

Empire command models

Rumoured models

Nurgle warriors

Nurgle Knights

Empire Knights.

A BIG land ship … big enough to have a house on it!.

Third Nurgle Ogre

Third Nurgle Troll.

Various riders for Carmine Dragon (Empire mentioned)

A mammoth with ogres on it

Plastic monsters for next year!

Possible Vermin Lord

One of the land train carriages will be a platform for a regiment of CD blunderbussers and they will be released separately followed later on by command models.

More Plague Toad riders

Other rumours

Bull Centaurs

Chaos Dwarfs with Great Weapons (possibly also with halberds??)

Hobgoblins on foot and on wolves

Lord on Great Taurus

CD Sorcerer

Warrior Priests of Taal

Warrior Priests of Morr

Warrior Priest on a Griffon

A boat-like flying ship, with wing-oars.

Possible add-ons to the Doomwheel or Screaming Bell sets

Most of the Chaos Dwarf stuff will be split between books 1-2 as the models have either just been started or are still in the concept phase.


The artillery train was described as akin to the warhammer equivalent of a nuke which would fire up over the walls into the centre of the city and level it!


They can’t start making FW versions of regular infantry units as that treads on the studios toes, so they intend to do upgrade kits to get around this.

Things like Kislev, CD and hobgoblins would be treated as allied forces, not stand alone armies.

Dogs of War may get some treatment, but only in the form of Regiment of Renown unit/command upgrades for warhammer army book units.

Similar format to the imperial armour books; story line, characters, army lists, special rules and figures to go with.

The books will NOT contain photographs of the models, they will only be artwork. The idea is that the Warhammer Forge books will be of the “era” and be illustrated manuscripts.  I guess it also allows them to release models for them years later, as they only have artwork as the placeholder.

The Warhammer Forge books will be linked and span several volumes detailing an expansion of Chaos.  This is not written as an unbroken narrative but rather as a selection of scenes or encounters, parts of the story which give the background for the battles.

It will be spread over more than 40 chapters and follows the fortunes of the key characters.

The first book follows the fortunes of Tamur Khan for a bit then leaves him hanging whilst following the fortunes of one of his lieutenants for example or spotlighting events elsewhere in the warhammer world which have a bearing on the tale, before returning to the main characters again. All sumptuously illustrated with fine artworks and wonderful maps showing the routes followed by the main protagonists so we can place the events in the warhammer world as the story unfolds.

Rick has actually scaled out the WFB map in his own way to plan out how long it would actually take an army to march etc.

Rick basically wants to muck around with the timeline and advance it in these books.

The first book features the expansion of Nurgle into the West; Nurgle WoC, Chaos Dwarfs, Ogre Kingdoms and Empire.

The second book concludes the Nurgle expansion, and has some Dwarf models

Second expansion is Tzeentch into the south, fighting the Lizardmen (presumably O&G as well).

Third expansion is Slaanesh into the East, fighting �?~elves�?T (presumably High Elves and Dark Elves).

Forth expansion is Khorne into the North.  

Note that there will probably be 2 books per chaos god, and there may not always be a book with chaos in, if there is something significant happening somewhere else in the world that has some bearing on the overall story.


Planned and written by Rick Priestley.

Lots of bespoke Adrian Smith artwork will feature in the first book.

Ostermark mentioned.

Harry thinks the [/u] book gets as far as the siege of Altdorf.  :o


The first book either starts or ends with Karl Franz presumed dead along with all or most of the counts.  Esme Stoutheart the Halfling becomes the emperor, this lasts for a short while.  Karl Franz son was kidnapped by orcs and sold to chaos slavers, he’s a dark sorcerer.

The books may start at a later time, many years from the current time, when the Empire truly is in ruins, a corpse waiting to be eaten by vultures

The stories are to represent the next, biggest and probably last great incursion. Some well known special characters will probably be killed off.  The conclusion of this campaign (all the books) would be not just the end of the empire but the entire warhammer world hence definitely an alternative / future timeline

The first book Tamurkhan focuses on Tamur Khan (a Nurgle worshipping warlord) who is marching west through the lands of the Chaos Dwarfs and the Ogre Kingdoms. Finally ending up in the Empire.

Tamur has taken the form of an Ogre as he takes on the form of whatever he kills, otherwise he is just a big maggot or a lot of small maggots which are release when he is wounded.

The 4 brothers (major powers) divide the world into quarters, each heading in a different direction.  The Nurgle invasion starts just north of the mountains of mourn. Some ogres fight against chaos, some join chaos. They then move on through the steppes and dark lands, picking up chaos dwarf and hobgoblin allies and fight their way over the mountains and along the Reik towards Marienburg. at some point the Nurgle lord bathes in the Reik and turns it to pus.  The plague toads are either daemons who have used the befouled Reik as a warp rift or possessed/mutated wildlife from the river.


I thought empire sprues and command were released already?

Very nice and useful list mate ^^


I thought empire sprues and command were released already?

Very nice and useful list mate ^^

His post was made last year ;P


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Why is there still no release date for this book?!


Why is there still no release date for this book?!

Forge World likes to take their time. Patience, have a little patience. :hat


Why is there still no release date for this book?!

Forge World likes to take their time. Patience, have a little patience. :hat

A little patience? I've been patient for 13 years or so;)


Why is there still no release date for this book?!

Forge World likes to take their time. Patience, have a little patience. :hat

A little patience? I've been patient for 13 years or so;)

Im sure a month or so longer wont hurt


Just got this months WD and there’s an advert for warhammer forge, which says ‘…first warhammer forge book, Tamurkhan: the throne of chaos, available to buy now.’

So it should be out very soon (no, its not actually out now, this is forgeworld…).


Oh wow. I was confused because that WD ad acted as if this book was already available. I looking for any rumors from someone who might have it already, and had read it. Hopefully it will be out over the next few days.

Strangely these rumors seem to contradict what we’ve been hearing about a full CD army list. Srange that they are only allies but will have Lords on Monster mounts.

Also these rumors contradict the rumor I’d heard about WF book 2 being centered around Tomb Kings vs. Brettonians.

That’s exciting about possible Vermin Lord update.


This is a very old thread and a lot has changed since it was written. Here is a thing on the release date:



Will bet heavy that we are looking at October 1 as a release date. Any takers for an over/under?