[Archive] Tamurkhan war mammoth


so I got my book thanks to father Christmas and have been reading like crazy, one thing that struck me was the war mammoth

is it just me or does it look like its missing the unbreakable or stubborn rule - with a standard Ld of 5 it isn’t going to hang around if it loses combat

if you roll one of the results that does D6 wounds and get a ‘1’ you can kiss a very expensive model goodbye! you can obviously make it stubborn on Ld8 with a slaaneshi warshrine but then its jumping in at almost 750 points!

am I missing something here? seems awfully underpowered and overcosted in comparisson to the destroyer

Thommy H:

How exactly is it ever going to lose a combat though? But if you’re that concerned, stick your general and/or BSB in the howdah.

I’m actually more annoyed that the howdah doesn’t work the same way as the riders for an Arachnarok, Warsphinx and Stonehorn/Thundertusk, with an option to put a character on it as well. All this nonsense about it counting as a building is just daft.


From my wealth of experience, watching Time Commanders, the major drawback of using elephants in battle was that they spooked easily, and would quite likely rampage through your own troops. It stands to reason that a mammoth would be similar.


I honestly can’t see why anyone would ever not take a War Shrine and mark the model Slaaneshi though. Stubborn with a 5+ ward is a big difference.

All this nonsense about it counting as a building is just daft.
Yeah. FW seem to insist on being weird with their rules…


I can certainly understand why the God of pleasure would mark a War Mammoth.  If I were a god it would give me enormous pleasure watching a huge elephant squish my enemies.

Seriously though, in the kind of games where this will be used you’ll have so many points to spend on your army just keep your BSB near it and give him the Banner of the Gods so everything within 6" is stubborn.  That plus Slaanesh Howdah will give it a 5+ ward save and Leadersip 8 stubborn with a reroll.