[Archive] Tamurkhan woes!

Da Crusha:

So, I Finally got to take a comprehensive look at the Tamurkhan Chaos Dwarf list, it leaves me excited for the stat increases, big guys, and flame cannon but also concerned about the raise in points cost. In the RH list I always had the comfort of having numbers over my opponents, (ab)using earthshakers to slow down the enemy , shadow magic for debuffing and using a huge unit of hobgoblins to hold up anything I didn�?Tt like. Now I I feel like I don�?Tt have any of that. I think just about everything in the list got more expensive except maybe the lammasu and great Taurus. I imagine my list going from 150+ guys in a 2500 pt list to somewhere around 80 if I�?Tm lucky. All of the big guys are also extremely tempting, and even the bull centaurs cost a whole lot more. Our basic troops now cost 12 with a stat bonus, And our Blunderbuss cost 17! I know they changed and for the better, I just feel a little bit lost about which strategies to employ. Its almost like Im playing a completely different army.

Thommy H:

I don’t think you can really think of it as an update - it really is a brand new army. RH is over a decade old now and two Editions of the game have gone by. In that time, some armies have had three new books! So don’t look for a smooth transition.


All of the choices are very tough - its a hard army to get points off. Try to think about what will work, not how much it costs (if you worry about cost, this army will give you a nervous breakdown!).

I know they changed and for the better, I just feel a little bit lost about which strategies to employ. Its almost like Im playing a completely different army.
It plays like WoC with guns. Heavily elite troops and then some even more elite stuff - I like it :slight_smile:

Da Crusha:

It plays like WoC with guns. Heavily elite troops and then some even more elite stuff - I like it :)

that was the general feel I got from it also :)


Even my playing style changed a lot. My RH lists always, I mean ALWAYS, had from 50 (bare minimum) to 100 (yes, you read it correct) hobgoblins. Now I fielded 50 of them at maximum. Dunno if somebody else tried so many… :slight_smile:

In my latest list I do not field a single hobgoblin but the Khan.

Once we struggled to actually kill something but with bolt throwers and magic! I still remember in 7th edition the mandatory shield plus hand weapon warriors just to keep numbers. 8th edition helped us a little bit and I switched to great weapons… but killing was not an easy task. I still relied on point denials and magic plus bolt throwers to actually kill something.

Now we are plenty of fighting troops: warriors with S4, fireborns, bull centaurs, efficient war machines and, of course, the Destroyer (Hashut you will be blessed forever :hashut ).

Now I play with a small elite army… and I’m very happy with it!
Being an hobgoblin lover x.x I will try to fit in some of them. I think they are not so bad…
but no more an horde army like RH!


I have not played this army yet but,Tamurkhan got me interested in the cd and when Im done putting thm together,I will be playing them in 2 weeks


My only woes were they wouldn’t allow it for CanCon this last weekend and I had to go to a list I’ve never used before. That was the Ravening Hordes but they’ve promised it will be OK next time.

Da Crusha:

@Abecedar:well at least they will allow it next time.

@bassman: I used to use 2X 50 units of hobgoblins on occasion. it is still a bit tempting to have 1x50 to guarantee the steadfast, but It will always bother me to know that I used to be able to have twice as many hobgobbos for the same cost.

I used to have a sorc lord on lammasu fly around and snipe things while a cd hero stayed with the hobgoblins and took care of them (with a great weapon and gauntlets of bazrakk the cruel, hehe). now I dont think we are even allowed to have a CD hero in the unit of hobgoblins.

Time of Madness:

My armies have changed to small elite based list with limited model count. Hobgoblins don’t add much to the list in my opinion. I find the book excels at large point games (2500pts), however at the 2000pt level it is tough to squeeze enough stuff into the army.

I’ve had some good sucess over all with the book, but I’m mainly just happy they released it!

Time of Madness


I tried 1 block of 30 hobgoblin with shield and hand weapon and a block of 30 with bows flanking both side my big fat block of 30 Chaos dwarfs. Doing so they never tested animosity, they had a rerollable D10 (Lord and BSB) and they performed pretty fine.

I still find some roles for them. Now I am trying a new list without them (only one battle so far with pretty good result but need more playtesting) and I feel that we desperately need more numbers! Still wondering to drop in one block of hobbos…

richard barby:

there not going to be easy to use. gone are the 40 warrior blocks i really think your going to have to play a lot smarter to win games with then than the rh or fan lists

i have only had 3 games so far but have been useing a tactic of trade off lots of green things to keen my warrior block alive and warmachines alive at the same time picking up what ever units i can and comboing the magic phase to help out the destroyer and warriors in combat


Coming from Dwarfs (so big blocks and artillery), I actually found the army very easy to play. The Destroyer, artillery and Flames of Azgorh allow you to put the pressure on very early and its pretty hard to get points out of it when used correctly.


Have played 3 games with, and 1 game against the new book… HGs are where its at for me though am a O&G player also so its my bread and butter.

Although my HGs have yet to do bad timing animosity ( save for one game ) the war machines have done nothing but blow up, or in the case of the Hell Cannon destroy my Deamonsmith. :slight_smile: HGs with Shield, Musician and Bows also do very well at harassing the enemy. More so if they can get behind a fence or other obstacle. Cause no end of pain to Dark Elf Repeater Crossbows when that happens :slight_smile:

2 Core units of Hw/Sh IG, standing 29-34 strong, and having the Prophet and BSB in each of them has done well. HG units to hold the flanks and chase down skirmishers also has worked nicely. Lore of Hashut is not that great I think, and have had better luck with the Lore of Fire instead.

Have had to pull the K’Daai destroyer from the last 2 lists as it is too overpowering! In one game it pretty much won the game solo, in the others it fought head to head to a reverse ward save Dreadlord on Cold One, and only lost because of the Lore of Shadow debuffs. If that had not happened, it would have won, and ran rampant against his forces.

Still trying out the new list, and trying new combos, but it has a lot of potential, and lots of variety. Can be played competitively I think, but also can be played themed, and have major weaknesses ( 3 Iron Deamons anyone? ).

Can’t wait to get finished with some of my commissions and get back to building up my own force.


thanks for the info,Im considering using marauders sinc I don t have HG



Have had to pull the K'Daai destroyer from the last 2 lists as it is too overpowering!
Your opponents don't bring chaff then? ;) They need to learn that lesson if they want to deal with it.