[Archive] Tarrakk Blackhand's GH pics

Tarrakk Blackhand:

This guy was made from a grudge pony, the tied up BFSP Dwarf, Ogre, Toom King, Marauder, Skaven and Dwarf bits and a spider rider base.

The intention was a Bull Centaur with the hand weapon and shield combo and the option to use the “Musical Instrument” as a heavy weapon if the situation called for it.

For something different, I made scale mail armour instead of the “X” pattern I usually make. The Scale mail also covered the rear and shoulders, which was another new challenge for me. He has solid GS shoulderpads. I also gave him bells as an instrument and gave him horns like the new CD’s from Forgeworld.

The base was painted in the Lava Scheme, another firts. Also, I painted this Centaur red, which is against my colour scheme of black.

Thank you for any votes you may have passed on this guy.


Tarrakk Blackhand:

I put him on the volcano terrain after I entered him on the white backdrop. I didn’t want anyone to recognize that it was my model.


When I saw this model first I became somewhat suspicious it could be yours … :wink:

I don’t know why … :cheers

Bye the way cool model and awesome terrain! :hat off


Tarrakk Blackhand:

Thanx Zanko.

What gives it away though? I was trying to emulate what Tjub and others did. I even painted him in a “Non-Tarrakk” army colour to throw everyone off the trail.


You can’t disguise your style of converting and painting! :wink:

It’s the same with other members here at CDO - often you can guess who made which GH entry! :smiley:


Golder Goldeater:

You can't disguise your style of converting and painting! ;)

It's the same with other members here at CDO - often you can guess who made which GH entry!

Yeah! I could tell easily which one was yours, Zanko's, Tjub's, blue's, Obsidian's, Grim's and GRNDL's ;)

PS: Did anyone received his slaves yet?


After a while you can tell who�?Ts model is who�?Ts, great work on this entry Tarrakk i like the use of different kits on him :slight_smile:


Great entry really love your style guessed it was yours though despite your attempts at subtefuge!

Tarrakk Blackhand:

Well, I’ll have to try harder next GH. Maybe if they do something totally different, like a Lamasu or Great Taurus or something, then you’ll all be left guessing!